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Wiki Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

Curt Renz

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Mar 5, 2013
MarketWatch - 7 minutes ago: Why this Tesla taxi fleet won’t be allowed to operate in NYC


The five-to-one vote by the Taxi and Limousine Commission blocks electric transit startup Revel from launching its fleet of 50 Model Y Tesla taxis without breaking city rules. The TLC argued that Revel can still operate if it buys 50 gas cars and swaps their licenses out for electric vehicles — a requirement that Revel called “the very definition of limiting market competition.”

This brings to mind the article which I first linked here in 2013: Strangling Innovation: Tesla vs. 'Rent Seekers'


Rent seekers are individuals or organizations that have succeeded with existing business models and look to the government and regulators as their first line of defense against innovative competition. They use government regulation and lawsuits to keep out new entrants with more innovative business models. They use every argument from public safety to lack of quality or loss of jobs to lobby against the new entrants. Rent seekers spend money to increase their share of an existing market instead of creating new products or markets. The key idea is that rent seeking behavior creates nothing of value.

These barriers to new innovative entrants are called economic rent. Examples of economic rent include state automobile franchise laws, taxi medallion laws, limits on charter schools, auto, steel or sugar tariffs, patent trolls, bribery of government officials, corruption and regulatory capture. They’re all part of the same pattern – they add no value to the economy and prevent innovation from reaching the consumer.


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Mar 8, 2012
OT My 2012 Prius is the first automatic car I have. D requires a pull, and R a push. Exactly the opposite of what I would expect. (I’m mostly used to it, but still make a mistake occasionally.) Is this the normal layout? (stupid interface).
It's a U.S. government standard. If the shifter goes parallel to where the drive train used to be, then it's PRND with P at the firewall. Nothing to do with either Toyota or Tesla.


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Aug 23, 2018
Deepening Crisis!
In fairness, it actually changed over the weekend. When I went to cancel on Saturday it indicated no refund (screenshot below).
I got on the phone yesterday and while waiting for a rep, I checked the site again and it had been fixed to offer the refund as it should.
Yeah but did you think that they would just steal our money? That's the narrative being pushed by the scumbags.
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Mar 31, 2016
BTC discussion should absolutely be happening in this thread when it’s price drops to a level that it materially impacts Tesla’s quarterly earnings, which in turn likely has an impact on intraday share price movement (We don’t need constant price updates on it, but it does need to be mentioned)

it’s an unfortunate result of Tesla boneheaded “investment” into craptoassets, but regardless of personal feelings on that, it is still material to near term earnings outlook.

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Apr 24, 2017
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While we are cleaning up our act i wanted to point out the name of this thread

"Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable"​

therefore any discussion about Tesla the company, TSLA the stock, the investment world , stocks, bonds, currency, accounting, balance sheets , price tagets , valution measures etc, etc, should be fair game

I find a lot of topics I would consider to be part of "& the Investment World" deemed by many to be OT or moved for example Bitcoin is part of the investment world ... the different angles brought by some "OT" are quite informative ... so if i take the title at face value I should be able to talk about it at the roundtable

maybe AudubonB should weigh in


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Dec 25, 2011
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For me, as an investor in TSLA, I'm really excited about seeing how this chart plays out.

I think the fun will start with blowout Q2 numbers due hopefully as soon as July 2nd.

My guess is that with just Fremont and Shanghai they are at a 1M/year run-rate currently. And assuming that, we should then realize that when Tesla makes their millionth car in the year of 2021, we should see a shock-wave, as it would appear the P/E ratio is not good enough for this rate of change in deliveries.

Why? That crazy slope is Shanghai. A factory built by Tesla from mud, with all new robots and efficiencies that no other car company is, can or will be able to keep up with. The moat is moot as it continues to get wider. Fremont was sooooooo hard to ramp. Ugh, we had to take out all the old NUMMI stuff, which usually meant ripping up concrete and trying to shoehorn in whatever we could. The camera calibration station was put together overnight with a target sign that we designed a few days prior and done while the car was getting aligned, right before dyno. Anyways, lots of fun was had and we shipped it, but I just can't imagine how well imagined and innovative Shangai is to scale so incredibly fast. So much innovation it makes my head spin. Now imagine how much faster Austin and Berlin will ramp? I realize that they are tied somewhat to 4860 ramp, but I would expect that they will continue to be battery constrained.

Competition? I'm still hoping for some, I honestly am. In Seattle, how many Taycan's, i-Pace, ID3 or any other new EV's have I seen? Nearly null. I can't even find one to do my own comparison. Saw a MachE, but the little old lady driving it seemed to not be one to know what is really going on with EV's. Very happy for her that she's driving a BEV however.

Aug 6, 2019
Connecticut, USA
I think that financial models of valuation and/or quarterly earnings models could similarly deserve their own threads.
Your point is valid regarding financial forecasts having its own thread because often the back and forth can delve into arcane accounting principles.
Many of us producing quarterly financial forecasts post them in the thread below where (to use @Krugerrand 's term) boring accountants and finance people can discuss average selling price, margins, deferred taxes and other exciting accounting material. 🤓 We often come to this thread to refer members to the "future quarterly financials" thread when we have posted an important update.

I often post here in this Investors' Roundtable thread when I feel I have some insight that all investors can benefit from . . . such as the Bitcoin impact on Q2 based on today's price action or the other day when I posted that Tesla will have Q2 GAAP earnings excluding Reg Credits selling only 3 & Y. In these cases I try to be concise and avoid accounting speak.

I think this approach works and I will continue to post here in the thread with financial insights that I think membes can benefit from.

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