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Jan 1, 2017
Just a correction -> Ark’s bull case has had Tesla losing 1/3 of their market share and the bear case is losing 2/3 market share. But Tesla has not lost market share yet, as they were expecting - and they are considering raising their bull case to maintaining current market share. So their bull case TSLA price might go higher still from the current stratospheric valuation.

IMO - the line of thinking goes: if you're building EV cars that are 20x more productive than ICE cars...where does the revenue go?

Software and services w/ mostly service jobs and profit.

ICE cars are being sold as these giant mechanized machines w/ no ability to improve after sale w/ significant upkeep for centuries in a heavily saturated market. So, the value and price is all encompassed in the sale of the vehicle. EV's just don't need that, can improve post-sale, can sell more post-sale (e.g. Enhanced Connectivity), are more productive/efficient, and last longer. I just don't see how the value of this company won't be higher as long as the EV market is proven sustainable and is considered a growth industry.


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Jun 28, 2018
Spreading "FUD" means speading fear, uncertainty and doubt. Which is exactly what I call it when someone picks a story about a Tesla crashing in the wee morning hours and tries to say this is going to put a real damper on any TSLA stock rally. Nobody cares about a single car crash like that so I stand by my comments.

Shorts are not covering today like you said and I stand by that statement.

You know over exuberance cause bag holders. I cautioned people to not get too excite just like how I said drop after Cybertruck reveal.

Artful Dodger

"Ducimus, lit"
Aug 9, 2018
And what is this bad news you speak of? Oh, that's right, a Tesla crashed in the wee hours of Saturday morning!
Yeah, this smells like co-ordinated FUD. 'He-who-shall-not-be-named' published his 6 am EST article this morning with the title:

"Tesla driver cited with ‘reckless driving’ after crashing into police car while on Autopilot".
Notice how he waited a full day to publish this "news", but did so just as the pre-market session opens in New York? A full day+ since our resident 'concerned' netizen began his multi-dozen series of comments on the accident.

It feels like these two are reading the same FUD feed... :oops:


'When the music is on...you gotta dance' (Go Elon)
Apr 23, 2013
You "expect" a flattish day today due to bad news countering the good? And what is this bad news you speak of? Oh, that's right, a Tesla crashed in the wee hours of Saturday morning! Boo-hoo! Thousands of cars crash every fricken day! That has no impact on TSLA share price anymore and the fact that you irrationally keep dragging it in here shows that you want it to.

I never claimed you were a short-seller! Stop the defamation! ;) Now I'm not going to run out and sue you like some butt-hurt Unsworth but you should really refrain from mischaracterizing my comments. There are many reasons to want TSLA to underperform, for example, someone who is swing-trading it and is currently sitting on the sidelines. People that do that tend to feel real butt-hurt when it climbs away without them having their maximum position.

As to a "flattish" day today, well, let's see how that turns out for you! I suggest we measure it against the broader market. ;)

You literally wanted mods here to "do something" about me because it's "not the first time" I have desperately trying to cause FUD. So I don't know what you mean by that. Perhaps you wanted mods to promote me into becoming a mod and I have mistaken your intentions.

And why the F would I "want" AP crashes to cause SP change?

How about you two call a truce and we move on?


driVIN(188xx) it !!
Jan 26, 2016
Can some one further explain the financial aspects of depreciation of assets etc if GF3 M3's are delivered this quarter.
Also how will this math differ from the cost of goods inventory etc if no GF3 M#s are delivered this quarter and everything is allocated for Q1 2020 when volume will be higher?


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Jul 25, 2016
Not sure if this was posted, but here's a wild rumor on social media about GF3 production hitting 1000 per week.

RUMOR: GF3 already hit 1,000 MIC Model 3s per week : teslamotors

i'm skeptical after years of reading about production rates, but here it is anyways. Assuming it's even true, it could be that they just hit it for a day.

Do Chinese not like color? Every car in that lot appears black or white. (Or are they still working out paint?)


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May 3, 2017
Tesla driver cited with 'reckless driving' after crashing into police car while on Autopilot - Electrek
OK, this is exactly the kind of headline needed to counter FUD. Electrek and I are back together again. Feels good

It has not been confirmed by Tesla that the car was actually on Autopilot. Seems wrong to put that in the title when the body includes
Over the last few years, Tesla had a problem where people would crash their cars and blame it on Autopilot, even though Tesla asks drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel and pay attention at all times.

Over the years, Tesla continues to have a problem when people would crash their cars and the media would blame it on Autopilot, even though there was no independent data supporting that claim.


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Jul 25, 2016
SP is gonna blow anyday, hunch. Can't hold back the +++ rumors and indicators on all fronts.

New CyberMarkets:
  • Snow Plow market
  • Train Track clearing
  • Better eMPG
  • Deer Shield


Dec 9, 2015
Mill Spring, NC

From the Tweet:

"North America: Thousands of cars are leaving the intermodal facility in Birmingham, Alabama, for destinations on the east coast of the United States. $TSLA"

I didn't know about the intermodal in Birmingham. Can anyone provide more information about that. Are cars being transported by rail to that location? In the past three weeks I seen trucks loaded with Teslas on I-85 going north from Atlanta. That didn't make sense to me then, but now it does if east coast deliveries go through Alabama.


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Supporting Member
Jul 31, 2015
Hobe Sound, FL
The 17% market share projection under discussion was Wood's best-case scenario (6% is their bear case).

I did think that it was interesting that she said that their previous bull position still had Tesla losing a significant part of that 17% share, BUT they are now re-evaluating this. IMO, with the quite noticeable lack of real competition for Tesla's EV's, and nothing noteworthy on the radar ahead, she can't help but think that the 17% might stand for quite a bit longer.

edit: ooops, JustMe beat me to it.

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