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Tesla upgrades charging for V2+ chargers, with latest firmware

Discussion in 'Texas' started by Missile Toad, Apr 27, 2019.


I actually got (or got close) to the maximum advertised rates

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  1. Missile Toad

    Missile Toad Member

    Aug 30, 2016
    My Model X100D received firmware 2019.12.1 d9eaf40 a day ago. Since then, I have been comparing the page to the reports in the Center Console of the X. I did attempt a charge at the Houston; TX - Northwest Freeway Supercharger. However, because of sharing a SuperCharger with an incumbent Model 3, I was limited to 36kW (1/4 of the hypothetical 144-150kW possible).
    Through the years I have noted that the Tesla DB of chargers is riddled with errors. Hopefully the V2+ upgrades will be a chance for them to clean up their inaccuracies, particularly, with regard to the ‘up to X kW’ claims. If anyone can confirm Tesla’s claims of 144-150kW charge rates and post your experiences, that would be appreciated. Some prerequisites:
    • A supercharger with alleged 150kW max rate
    • Model 3, or a 100kWh battery S or X
    • FW 2019.12.1 d9eaf40 or better
    • State of Charge < 40%
    • Using an unpaired stall (not sharing a SuperCharger)
    Below are the claims, in the Center Console, of Texas Supercharger maximum rates, in kW. I’m grateful that Tesla has corrected some errors (still present at page) about the Plano and Dallas Superchargers (really urban chargers). Note, I’m attempting to show congestion in the final fields of the CSV data, below. Austin seems to force you to be in a paired stall during every minute of daylight — so I wouldn’t try there until nightfall or crack-of-dawn.
    Houston; TX - Northwest Freeway Supercharger,29.867201,-95.537839,150kw,5/8,5/8
    Channelview Supercharger,29.784665,-95.110612,150kw,7/8,8/8
    Richmond; TX Supercharger,29.561606,-95.695317,150kw,5/8,5/8
    Huntsville; TX Supercharger,30.716158,-95.565944,120kw,3/6
    Austin; TX Supercharger,30.329275,-97.706259,150kw,1/8
    Flatonia Supercharger,29.697904,-97.099993,150kw,7/8
    Corsicana Supercharger,32.068583,-96.448248,150kw,8/10
    Southlake; TX Supercharger,32.943473,-97.133848,150kw,na
    Texarkana Supercharger,33.459926,-94.077179,150kw,8/8
    Nacogdoches Supercharger,31.651793,-94.679625,150kw,8/8
    Waco Supercharger,31.582287,-97.109152,150kw,5/8
    Amarillo Supercharger,35.189016,-101.931467,150kw,na
    Plano; TX Supercharger,33.078651,-96.819634,72kw,8/12
    Dallas; TX - North Central Expressway Supercharger,32.881141,-96.769520,72kw,1/11
    Denton Supercharger,33.231373,-97.166412,150kw,2/6
    San Marcos; TX Supercharger,29.827707,-97.979685,150kw,8/12
    Shamrock Supercharger,35.226765,-100.248360,150kw
    Victoria Supercharger,28.766853,-96.978988,150kw
    Lindale Supercharger,32.470885,-95.450473,150kw
    Sulphur Springs Supercharger,33.129051,-95.603236,150kw
    Cisco Supercharger,32.374263,-99.007197,150kw
    Sweetwater Supercharger,32.450591,-100.392455,150kw
    Three Rivers Supercharger,28.521614,-98.185829,150kw
    Childress Supercharger,34.432426,-100.218676,150kw
    Kingsville Supercharger,27.493808,-97.844399,150kw
    Midland Supercharger,31.947414,-102.141137,150kw
    Junction Supercharger,30.509233,-99.774560,150kw
    Ozona Supercharger,30.706656,-101.195857,150kw
    Arlington Supercharger,32.754659,-97.082823,150kw
    Laredo; TX Supercharger,27.555003,-99.494240,150kw
    McAllen Supercharger,26.198446,-98.259821,150kw
    Pecos; TX Supercharger,31.400343,-103.487007,150kw
    Fort Stockton; TX Supercharger,30.905995,-102.884623,150kw
    Fort Worth; TX - Whitmore Street Supercharger,32.758363,-97.353521,Temporarily Closed
    Italy; TX Supercharger,32.194964,-96.898765,150kw
    Van Horn Supercharger,31.034323,-104.861430,150kw
    Columbus; TX Supercharger,29.690066,-96.537727,120kw
    38 chargers
    01 Temporarily Closed
    02 72kW
    02 120kW
    33 150kW

    Name,latitude,longitude,max kw,congestion 12:00-2:00PM (sample 1),sample2 congestion, sample3 congestion
    Congestion in the form of:
    _x_/_y_: 'x' stalls available in the 'y' stalls present​
  2. Missile Toad

    Missile Toad Member

    Aug 30, 2016
    #2 Missile Toad, Apr 30, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
    Looks like some improvements have happened on the two Superchargers in my neighborhood
    Houston; TX - Northwest Freeway Supercharger,29.867201,-95.537839,150kw,142kw on 4/29
    Houston-North,29.980500,-95.421230,150kw,135kW on 4/29​
    I tested each of these with about 35% SOC in the X100D at 80ºF ambient and no sharing of the Supercharger. I'm going to make a wild guess that if the charger can't deliver at least 136, there might be a soft failure in one of the components of the charger.

    Does anyone know if Tesla hires local electricians to do monthly service on the superchargers -- e.g. pulling out bad modules and putting in good ones? Otherwise, if they must have their electricians constantly on the road, fixing 2-3 superchargers a day.
  3. SammichLover

    SammichLover Active Member

    Dec 8, 2018
    #3 SammichLover, May 2, 2019
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
    It is also possible that it is simply because it is older equipment, as it is known that Tesla had been slowly, quietly improving the SC gear design over the years. The North Houston SC is quite a bit older than the US 290 Rudy's, the later of which was only activated late last Summer I think.

    It wouldn't be surprising if you never get more than 120kW out of Huntsville, which I think is the oldest SC in the larger Houston area? I'm not even sure which if any SC are older than it in TX, if you go by ones running original equipment rather than the refurbished Waco and San Marcos SC sites.

    P.S. I'll test and report as soon as Tesla graces my Model 3 with this. I was excited yesterday when it told me it had an update, then sad trombone when it turned out to only be 2019.8.6.1.
  4. Xd85

    Xd85 Member

    Oct 20, 2017
    Georgetown, Tx
    My 2017 S75D with 30% SOC hit 101kW at Austin SC (150kW max, presumably V2 updated) for about 15 seconds, then dropped to 80kW until to 70%;)

    This is with 2019.12.1 (battery pre-warming?)

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