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Tesla Vs Armadillo

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I've searched high and low for any images of damage from armadillos or other smaller animals but there isn't really much out there.

I'm driving home on the turnpike at night and it's pretty dark. Can't use the high beams due to oncoming traffic. Cruise control is set at 75 mph, suspension is set to auto lower at 55 mph. Suddenly there is an armadillo walking across the center of my lane. It's too late to brake or swerve without endangering myself or my fiance. A big thump occurs and I'm like "Damn that's gonna screw up some stuff." So I wait until I get closer home to inspect for any damage. There is a carwash by the house that is well lit and I step out and look at the front bumper. Low and behold there are only scratches underneath on the black section. The painted area is fine, no cracks, buckling or warpage. I really didn't want to deal with an auto body center that is 100 miles to the west of my house and the wait for parts. I'm very thankful that no serious damage occured. Going forward I think I'll turn off auto lowering.
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