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Moving to new house. Today I'm taking down the Tesla HPWC and I'm thinking that at the new place I will just setup a NEMA 14-50. My car has a single charger so I'm not really using all of its potential. But I like the convenience of the HPWC versus having to plug and unplug the mobile connector.

If there is still market for a Gen 1 Tesla HPWC I would sell it. It was expensive when I purchased it but I know that now they reduced the price considerably.

It is in like new conditions, has been used daily with no problems. Purchased in 5/2015 with the car.
I am looking at $450 (free shipping).
just fyi the brand new HPWC Gen2's are only $500 brand new. the price for used HPWC, especially 1st gen, has dropped significantly. i know we paid about $1200 originally, but they generally sell around $300 now and I've seen a few sell for as low as $200 now.
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Gen 2 are "smarter" as they can be installed on one circuit with a few other wall chargers and load balance. I saw a one NIB sell recently for $400 and used from $2-300 as mentioned. Might be better off keeping it :-/
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