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With the gen. 3 WC out in the USA for 14/15 months now...in Europe (the Netherlands for me) we still have to wait. I know my question is difficult to answer but maybe someone has a clue? When is it coming out in Europe?
I have a model 3 and everything is ready for the wall connector in my new house. I can buy a gen. 2 but rather have a gen. 3.

How about shipping a gen. 3 wall connector fromt the Sates to her? Is that an option (more in the way of connectivity)?

What reasons do you have for "rather have a gen 3"? There is nothing the gen 3 does currently better than a gen 2. I am a person who normally wants the latest and greatest as well, but the gen 3 has a shorter cord length, a thinner cord, and many people have had issues with them overheating (or reporting overheating whey they may not be overheating).

The only real benefit of the gen 3 at this point (for home use) is that it is firmware updatable by tesla over wifi, so eventually it could have some additional features.

So, what are you hoping to have with a gen 3 that is not possible on the gen 2?
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Thanks for your respond. I think i like the thinner cable better for looks and isnt it a bit better to handle? I believe the gen. 3 comes with the size of cable in between the two the gen 2 has which is more suitable for my current situation. Still i like the wifi part for the future. You are right btw, it isnt that much of a difference.

I now see that both the 7.5m and 2.5m GEN 2 are sold out in the dutch Tesla shop. I hope those were the last ones ;)
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