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Tesla West LA service feels like a shady used car dealer - very disappointed!

Hey folks,

Very disappointed with my first Tesla service experience so far. Brought the car in for a few things I noticed, and was told there would be a $195 diagnostic charge for EACH item if it's not covered under warranty:
  1. No window washer fluid comes out but container is full
  2. Missing fasteners in wheel well, frunk, etc.
  3. Bubbling visible in dash LCD
  4. Hear interference from speakers when iPhone placed in cubby slot under MCU
  5. Sometimes hear motor clunk when shifting from R to D and vice versa
The rep was a bit nervous when I asked about the charges, but said that if under warranty, there would be no charge. I asked if any of these things would not be covered under warranty, he said something along the lines of not 100%, but should be ok.

Then when they actually start working on the car, I get a text saying that the display is not covered by the PreOwned warranty (I bought my '14 S used from Tesla last month) and would be $1890+tax...in addition, they say that "We have also confirmed the clicking noise which required the rear axle splines to be lubricated and torqued which is also considered maintenance which has been address within the diagnosis fee you have authorized and insulated the cubby to minimize interference from your iPhone which is also addressed within the diagnosis fee you have authorized."

...what the **** do they think the warranty covers then? I checked the warranty and list of maintenance items on Tesla's site, and nowhere does it mention lubricating axles as a maintenance item. Once I pushed back with Tesla, they didn't respond, then came back saying they replaced the dash LCD and covered everything else under warranty, but are still trying to charge a $195 diagnostic fee.

This just reeks of shady used car dealer behavior, with they trying to charge for everything then quickly backing off a bit as soon as I push back. I get that Tesla is focusing more on profitability now, but this seems super unprofessional and disingenuous. Is this what I should expect from service? Please reply if you've gotten the axle lubrication covered under warranty, esp. with no hassle.
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Have found multiple reports of axle lubrication done under warranty:
Rear Axle Clicking
Driveshaft clicking ok?

Go take you car somewhere else, far from town. Might be a drive, but well worth it. Personally recommend Santa Barbara and others have recommended Oxnard.

Just like ICE cars, some dealerships are much worse than others
Thanks for the heads up! Any good ones closer than 1+ hrs out? Pretty surprised that the WLA one is so bad...would've thought it to be one of their top/flagship centers.

A warranty will state what *is* covered. Anything you don't see in there is *not* covered.
This is false. You're only correct for crappy 3rd party inclusionary warranties, not exclusionary warranties that OEMs (and good 3rd parties) have where everything is covered except what they list. Per Tesla's warranty:

"Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty

Subject to separate coverage for certain parts and the exclusions and limitations described in this
Tesla Used Vehicle Extended Limited Warranty, the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty covers the
repair or replacement necessary to correct defects in the materials or workmanship of any parts
manufactured or supplied by Tesla
that occur under normal use for an incremental period of 2
years or up to 100,000 miles..."
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I did not see where is says axle lube is not covered. Ask to see it is writing. Also check the annual service and remind them that you have only had the car for a month. Does Tesla still do a 70 point inspection on CPO cars?
Didn't see anything about it here either: Car Maintenance

Yup, at least they claim they do Ordering a Used Tesla. I know from friends that work at dealerships of other OEMs where say they do, but don't actually check anywhere near all 70.


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Sep 30, 2015
Seattle area, WA
Your experience sounds nearly exactly like the one I had with the Bellevue, WA service center. The service experience is night and day compared to what it was even just a year ago.
Elon is a genius. He is applying his gift to being a car salesman now. Yes he started with good intentions, but now that he has to pay for being clueless about building, selling, and supporting large volumes of cars, his next logical step is to take car sales profit extraction tactics to the next level.
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I had the same "interference" problem in our new 2015 Model S P85D when I put my iPhone 6 Plus in the cubby. Known problem which Tesla mostly resolved by installing some type of RF blocking material above the cubby... but the interference still was there albeit reduced.

Bought a magnetic stick on iPhone mount from Abstract Ocean and the problem TOTALLY disappeared... AND I could easily grab my iPhone and even see it while driving (great for WAZE). Magnetic Phone Holder (Slimline)

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