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Vendor TESLA Windshield Rock Chip Protection , Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection films

Are you getting rock chips and cracks on your TESLA's windshield? We have been hearing this complaint from many TESLA owners and we have 2 solutions that can help significantly reduce the chance of damage to your windshield. Please call one our team members at 818-905-5678 to help guide you and the best protection for your TESLA.

Our expertise are also in the following services:
XPEL Paint Protection Films
Ceramic Coating
Color Correction


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So I don't see how Color Correction could help, ceramic coating might but doesn't seem right. So a film? On the outside of the windshield? Will that enhance the clarity? I have LOTS of faint pits that makes the windshield not look new, this might be good.
Thanks for the questions Randy. You are correct, color correction and ceramic coating will not help protect your windshield, I was indicating we also do those services.

For Windshield protection we have 2 products:
1) Exterior Windshield Protection film designed to significantly reduce the risk of replacing expensive windshields, especially those with Advanced Driving Assistance Systems cameras and sensor (ADAS). With a TPU based plastic, rocks are able to bounce off of your windshield instead of crack or chip into the glass, saving you from the hassle of replacement and the diminishing resale value from cutting out the factories original (OEM) seal. Clear projection for the ultimate peace of mind.

2) Nano Windshield protection is a water-based, non-toxic, nanotechnology innovation designed to significantly increase the strength of glass, enhance glass flexibility and improve the performance of window film-to-glass products.

Let me know if these answer your questions?