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Teslafi or car reporting incorrect journey.

For the first tine since using teslafi it completely missed. (failed to record) a return journey of 3.5 miles on friday evening and today a return journey of 23 miles reported the journey 4.5 miles less & showed my outward journey end 4.5 miles short.
I was stopped for about 80 minutes before starting the return. During the 80 minute stop the car went to sleep for about 20 minutes. Upon arriving home the car acquired wifi as usual. I'm not sure whether the care lost lte during the drive.
I assume its the car not reporting correctly & not teslafi.
Has anyone experienced anything similar or got any idea whats going on.
The only times I've had problems with TeslaFi were when the car goes into sleep mode. I had the settings wrong in TeslaFi. It failed to record a 285 mile run last summer which I was really miffed about as I would have been on the stats leaderboard. You can change the sleep settings in one of the drop down menus at top left of the home page.
The car knew of the journey. Teslafi only collects data within its set parameters/time cycles. It’s a balancing act between collecting all data while also letting the car sleep and conserving energy.

Teslafi can’t collect/catch-up missed history, it can only retrieve ‘now’.