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Test Drive scheduled for Wednesday. Any advice??

You might as well go ahead and:

a) check the the trade-in value of your ICE now
b) start clearing out the various storage compartments i.e. glove box, center console, side door pockets, arm rest, and especially all the loose change that has slipped into the seat crevices in your ICE
c) call an electrician to schedule a NEMA 14-50 install
d) make sure there is enough "liquid" in the money market account 'cause it will be MUCH lighter here shortly:biggrin:

....its not to late to late to turn back now and cancel your test drive :biggrin:

Have fun!!!!!

btw, please let us know how it went
Not sure what you mean. Ask him anything you want. That said, I doubt he knows anything substantive that the public doesn't know. And I doubt he knows anything about the cars that isn't covered on this board.

Not sure what model you are looking at but if you are thinking P90D I'd also drive a 90D for comparison purposes. Would be good to just have the baseline.
I have a test drive scheduled for Wednesday. Does anyone have any advice for me, or possibly any questions that I should ask the sales rep?? Thanks in advance!

My only advice is try to drive the closest model to what you're looking to buy.

Even a base 70D with no options will be a great drive, only better drive is a slightly higher model Tesla :)
Agree. If you drive one you'll likely want to buy one so make sure it works out financially. The car is that good.

And you can ask them anything you want. Typically they'll want to know how far you drive in a normal day and what kinds of trips you go on, if there are Superchagers on your travel routes and other similar questions.
I spent a lot of time comparing the options in the various cars. What model are you thinking about? Here is a little advice from some of the options I was on the fence with:

- Premium sound: I'm not an audiophile, but I spent a ton of time on this one. It's an expensive upgrade, but at the end of the day I am VERY happy with this one. You may be able to save a little not getting the option and doing some aftermarket upgrades though.

- Next Gen Seats: IMO, this is a MUST have. It really gives the car a more complete look, and the seats feel/perform great.

- Pano Roof: Another must have IMO. It adds a little head room, and the feel inside the cockpit is so much nicer have the pano overhead.

I added every option except for AIR and 21" wheels. I can give my opinion on the others if you need some more advice too.

Oh yeah, and use my referral link to get $2000 off your car. ;) - http://ts.la/tim9256
TheAccuser has posted some great advice.

You may also want to sample the sound from the standard sound system and the Ultra High Definition Sound System... Bring a USB stick with your favorite tunes.

Check out the standard vs Premium Interior.... so you fully understand what it is you are getting.

Test drive a 70, and various 90's to gauge their performance so you can make an educated choice.

Have Fun.

BTW I am going to Mt. Kisco NY tomorrow for a test drive to finalize my options and model choice.
I agree with the suggestion to bring favorite tunes on a memory stick for testing, but be sure to format the memory stick as FAT32 (default format will not be read). Only MP3, MP4 and AAC files can be read.

If you decide to proceed, I recommend multiple test drives. Once you get serious, the store may let you have longer rides -- initial ride is likely only 15-20 minutes.
Also note -- At least in my area, the test drive is mostly on fairly straight highways. You may have to request a more interesting route -- you will want to test curving roads, and especially find some rough pavement. Bad roads will help you decide between air and coil suspensions and between 19 and 21 inch wheels (if you are undecided).
Test both types of seats. Do NOT assume the NextGen are better -- some people do not agree.

And if you are undecided about the sunroof, test with and without if you can. Different noise levels and different headroom.

Try to test a variety of motor/drive combos (70, 85, 90 D and non-D, P and not P). You may be happy spending less money on HP and have more to spend on nice options you want such as better sound or air suspension, etc.

The first ride will be mainly about first impressions, especially for a guest who does not drive. Acceleration performance is easy to demonstrate. But comfort, audio, handing, those take more time to experience and absorb.

Enjoy! It is a fun process!
When I was looking at getting my Tesla, I had the Owner Adviser bring the car out to my house to make sure it fit in my garage. We then went up a canyon road to see how it handled around corners (It's amazing BTW). See if they can let you take the car on some of the roads you love to drive...
I have a test drive scheduled for Wednesday. Does anyone have any advice for me, or possibly any questions that I should ask the sales rep?? Thanks in advance!

This may come across a little snotty but I always ask the sales person to do their pitch before we start driving. When I went on my first Tesla drive the Tesla kid would not stfu, he just kept talking and talking and talking, especially about all the power. Tesla's are such an amazing car that they just sell themselves.

That is my advice.
When I was looking at getting my Tesla, I had the Owner Adviser bring the car out to my house to make sure it fit in my garage.

That would be a great idea. I took measurements and the car would fit, but my garage is on the small size. I would like to see it first hand if the car would fit. But unfortunately, I'm about 75 miles from the nearest Tesla store so I don't know if this would be possible.

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