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Text message and favorite contacts issue

I have noticed 2 issues in my Model 3 with the new update regarding phone improvements. One is that I do not have my favorite contacts showing up in the car’s phone app. The other is that I can receive text messages and they are read to me, but I cannot reply. The car says “listening” and I can view my response but when I click the right scroll wheel to send, nothing happens. Anyone else experiencing either of these issues?
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OP, which phone and message app you were using? When I was using Pixel 3XL with Hangout as default message app, it would not display any message in the car or on the Hangout app after I sent a message. I have to switch back to use Android Messenger and everything seems to work fine.
Interesting here. My 90d model x was in for service getting HW3 installed. In the meantime I had a 75D model S. It had AP HW 2.5 and MCU2. It showed my favorites from my phone. My car however does not before or after AP HW upgrade. I wonder if it needs MCU2. Anyone know?