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Thank you for the window washer at the Centralia Supercharger!

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Feb 13, 2014
North Bay/Truckee, CA
I came through Centralia today and stopped to charge (Wednesday morning, between 10-11am, I was the only one there). I was thrilled to find a bucket with fresh soapy water and a squeegee in the middle of the lot.

I don't see any references to this on this forum, but just wanted to throw out a huge thanks to the generous individual who did that. My bug-laden road trip windshield was thrilled, as was I.
Agreed, it was very handy for me on a couple of long trips. I've since learned to carry a spray bottle and microfiber for the other SC pit stops.

Sounds like an advertising opportunity-your business name on a wash bucket at SC sites!
I've stopped there (but the bucket was empty at the time).
It would be nice for local businesses to offer a window washing bucket (and an advertising opportunity).
I'd also like to see picnic tables so I can sit outside (and perhaps have a snack) while charging.
As it is, the only thing I miss about gas stations is the window washers so I carry a container of window washing cloths in the car.
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Have you tried Burgerville? It's on the other side of the freeway - worth a trip through the drive through before stopping at the Supercharger.

Definitely not worth walking (which I did). And my luck wasn't very good on the food, either. Seems promising for the genre, though, so maybe we were there on a bad day.

Corning is as bad or worse than Centralia. The best Supercharger food anywhere? A picnic.