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Thanksgiving Word Fun (NPR weekend puzzle)

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One can NOT induce accuracy via precision!
Mar 24, 2013
Those of you who listen to public radio in the US may enjoy the weekend puzzle. For this week, it was to come up with a typical dish served at Thanksgiving dinner that contains the vowels A-E-I-O-U. Puzzlemaster Will Shortz gave three examples, one of which also included "Y". Multiple uses of a vowel are not permitted.

Well, I had some fun with this. Note: There is NO spoiler here - I left blank the answer that I am sure is the one they were looking for. But I enjoyed a middle-of-night wake period enough that I remembered most of it this morning....here is what I sent in:

Alaskans enjoy Thanksgiving meals as much as Americans in the lower-48, but there are a number of differences in the foods we prepare. I recently took a look in my cache where we keep our foods safe from any LYNX, MOUSE, RABBIT or other varmint eager for a meal, and came up with some dishes with which you may not be familiar.

To be sure, we still have GRAVY, SOUP, PIE and other such categories, but the ingredients often differ. The items vary widely depending on where in this enormous state one dines. In the Interior, for example, one might find GRIZZLY BEAR SOUP and RABBIT MOUSSE, whereas in the Gulf of Alaska, KODIAK MENUS feature HALIBUT ROE and HOT SEA URCHINS. Along the Arctic Ocean, residents partake of FIN WHALE SOUP and ESKIMO WALRUS, also known as WALRUS POT PIE. By the way, another vast land that begins and ends in "A" specializes in the even finer PLATYPUS POT PIE, but as they don't celebrate our Thanksgiving that is an UNFORGIVABLE aside.

My wife is devoted to one side dish for which we cannot get a key ingredient, so I give her a CRANBERRY IOU in the form of CARIBOU JELLY. A standard dessert is melted Ben & Jerry's; because of its looks we call it CHERRY GARCI-OUP.

For beverages, we typically serve a warm ALLSPICE RUM TODDY.

All of it, we find is enough to make a visitor from down south long for [SPOILER REMOVED HERE - this is what the Puzzle was looking for].

SAUCY CONDIMENTS to you and Happy Thanksgiving,

Audubon Bakewell
Denali Highway, Alaska