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That Yoke though. I'm starting to miss it every time I see the wheel in a Plaid.

The yoke is a huge unknown without trying it or even having any reports of others trying it. But I immediately got it aesthetically and how it helps with the whole minimalist interior. One of the few things I dislike about my pre-refresh model X is the bulkiness of the dash. I think the refresh hit a home run of maintaining enough screen real estate, blending it in with the dash, while making it all less bulky.
I am just not sure about the yoke. My lease is up in June and Tesla has been contacting me regarding the replacement vehicle. I told them until I see the yoke I cannot commit. They understood and said they hoped to have new Xs in the showrooms in March or April and would arrange for me to get a test drive. If there is a yoke until I drive it I don't know if I will like it or not.

As a pilot, I have flown many hours behind a yoke, but that is only banking an aircraft. Doing a 3 point turn and backing into a tight spot is completely different.
If the yoke has the same steering ratio, (number of complete revolutions) for a complete turning circumference there will be accidents when people are first getting used to it and grabbing for wheel that is not there. If the ratio results in half turn for a complete turning circumference then there will be accidents from people twitching or sneezing and pulling a little on the wheel. Like the looks of the yoke, think it is a terrible idea.