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The AP glacier has thawed!!!

When using AP on surface streets and you come to a stop behind a car at a light, AP would always take off at a glaciers place after the light turned green and the car in front of you took off. The acceleration rate was always way too slow and the car in front could pull away and leave a 10+ car gap by the time AP would get up to speed. Regardless of the Chill setting.

I’m very pleased to report that v10 has fixed this perfectly!! It now starts moving right after the car in front starts moving and the acceleration rate is much more “spirited”.
Agreed. That was one of the first things I noticed as well.

I’ve also found when a car now comes to merge or be otherwise in front of you, autopilot is not as exaggerated in its reaction / braking (at least the few times I’ve experienced it thus far, since V10). It’s definitely smoother braking (more human/realistic) and not so jarring.
Interesting replies from Europe. v10 has shown exactly what the OP said for me. Wonder if the restrictions on AP in some of the euro markets affected what could be released?

Fire Away!

I haven't noticed any differences as mentioned by the OP. But what I have seen is: on a rural road that I have used since 2017 to test new releases, a section that was perfect through most of 2018 and early 2019, it now fails 3 times, all related to the "fat lane syndrome". In one case, as the lane widens, the car pulls to the right and ends up "parking" behind cars parked on the curb. AP continues to disappoint.