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The Bandit - Tesla Model 3 Front License Plate Holder

For Model 3 owners that are searching for front license plate options, I designed, created and now offering "The Bandit", a CNC machined, completely assembled ready to install, non bumper contact, bolt on to factory grill, front license plate holder. Other similar products are mounted lower, but "The Bandit" was designed in proximity of OEM to minimize radiator cooling obstruction. All sensors, Autopilot and Homelink tested and verified transparent functionality. Structural integrity to weight ratio have been optimized to yield a unit total mass of approximately .4kg (14oz).

Original design thread here: Front License Plate Bracket For Tesla Model 3

Link to website: The Bandit License Plate Holder | Creations
Tesla seems suspicious about this plate holder. I’m taking my car to the service center tomorrow because some of the ultrasonic sensors have false positives.

They called me and suggested it was due to this holder. I have 1500 miles on the car, and autopilot and home link have been working the whole time. I’ve had one or two unexpected brake slams on the highway and two unexpected car goes to panic mode and flashes caution blinkers due — I think — to these false positives while driving. Otherwise at most stops I was having beeping noises.

When I took this holder off, I’m having trouble reproducing the false positives. I washed the car, which reduced false positives. But I was still able to reproduce them after some time with The Bandit still on. Another factor is that I had the car wrapped and coated, so it’s hard to judge where the problem may be.

I’ll be taking in the car with The Bandit taken off and see what they find. If they claim there’s no problem with the sensors, I might be switching back to the adhesive plate until the symptoms come back.
@deezevoltz Thank you for your very detailed feedback, please message me with your order number & I will look into this asap.

Thank you very much -- just PM'd. I added the pictures I provided to the service center to our PM thread (Tesla Service Issue). At this point it could be a defective sensor, which I read about for like the Model S elsewhere; it could be coating erroneously added on top of the sensor; and it could be something else like maybe the plate slightly off center. The tension has kept the license in place, but I wonder if one doesn't torque the screws enough if the plate could slide slightly off center and interfere with sensors. Sliding aside, I wonder if when the holder isn't exactly center if it interferes with the sensors as well. I'll report back tomorrow evening what the service center people say.

Thanks for your quick attention and great customer service. The build quality is really great, and I hope that the service center can validate some other cause. I'm going to drive the car around some more without The Bandit on tonight to continue to try and reproduce false positives. Thanks.
quick update:
I would buy this product again and don't think it's the product. I have recommended it on the google photos Model 3 group that's floating around: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YVeix3EWS1edSXW72

Longer version:
I reported my posts to be deleted because I didn't want to do a lot of investigative work. When writing this post, I found out the posts were never deleted. At any rate, @TonyPham gave me a full refund and sent me a brand new license plate holder. This really surprised me. After all, I originally ordered with an early-bird TMC discount code and did not ask for a refund or new bracket. I was negligent with my PMs too, so I was really surprised when the box showed up today.

This guy really cares about TMC users and customer service. He also believes in the product and isn't expecting a ton of success (his words). He is machining these himself with high craftsmanship. I was going to post @TonyPham's PM to me but don't want to repost without permission, which I'm sure he would give. Anyways, he's a very high quality and humble person. He will make things right in any way he can. Sorry for all the noise in this thread.

As for the Tesla service center, I got lazy and canceled the appointment (hence I wanted the mods to delete my posts). Late the night before, I was no longer experiencing false negatives. I was bringing in my car for the sensors and to get my car avatar updated. They addressed the avatar with an over-the-air update around 2am (yes, I was driving my car that late). Also, I'm in grad school and working full time. So, I didn't want to lose the hours in the day going to the appointment. Nevertheless, Brian at the service center was nice over email and said he would be happy to look at my car anytime if the issue comes back up.

I'm very excited to install the new bracket this weekend. Thank you very much, @TonyPham.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.18.02 PM.png
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Fellow TMC members and customers of The Bandit,

2 of the first 77 customers with The Bandit front license plate holder mounted on their Tesla Model 3's have reported a STOP sensor message issue varying at lower speeds under 5mph / coming to a stop behind a car 3-4 feet away. One of the 2 customers is a Tesla Troubleshooter Technician / Engineer with VIN 1xx and suggested to move the front plate closer by 6mm (.236”). This modification, tested and verified and has resolved all STOP sensor issues on both vehicles.

During the final prototype phases, 2 Model 3's with VINs 13xx (with Enhanced AP) and 27xx (without Enhanced AP), particularly focusing on vehicle 13xx during heavy stop and go traffic hours and cruising speeds on city streets with EAP was engaged to ensure all functionality of sensors.

Apparently, there are slight variances with sensitivity from a couple Model 3's with the First Version of The Bandit front license plate holders.

Any customers that placed their orders before May 7, 2018 that has this STOP sensor message issue, please email [email protected] with your order number & a revised “V2” of The Bandit will be shipped ASAP to you at no cost. Any orders after May 13th 2018 already have the updated version.

Thank you for your patience and support is deeply appreciated.
Just installed my bandit for a road trip from SoCal to Monterey and San Francisco (typically I run no front plate).

I think it fits great.

One question... at speed (65 to 100mph) can it flex enough to hit the bumper and mar it?


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