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The Charging Snake

Quicker to just get out and plug it in.

I'm assuming this has much larger applications - combine it with the self-parking (when it arrives) - the car can take itself off to your garage, park itself, and then charge itself.

Also in public supercharger areas - your car charges - and then when done, it disconnects and parks in another spot, freeing up a space for another vehicle.
Quicker to just get out and plug it in. Boy, the Yanks are real couch potatoes! So, a bit of snow and cold didn't kill anyone if just for a few seconds!!

Call me lazy but I'd love one in my garage. Then I can just drive in and get out of the car the same as I would with an ICE car. They could easily make it auto-retract when you approach with your key so you're good to go out.
Induction charging is approaching a really high level of efficiency, and in a couple of years time will be probably be at 90%, which is good enough for most applications. That's what will take off for self parking and driverless cars.

But it's expensive so cord charging will still be a mainstay for most things.
I LOVE the Snake concept!

I do not see it as a lazy issue at all. All technology is in a sense, accidentally 'lazy' insofar as they remove any kind of inconvenience. A Boeing 747 is also for 'lazy' people as are knives and forks.

But it not 'essentially' for lazy people - for example, a Gold Medalist might want the Tesla to park itself and then plug itself in so that he or she could hurry up and start their training. Nothing lazy about that!

Essentially it is an improvement in technology that makes life easier and more fun! There is not much point in getting the car to autonomously put itself into the garage if you have to walk behind it in order to plug it in. The snake as a prequel to that is just marvellous. Keep going Tesla. I reckon people will pay big bucks for such technology. Turn the Tesla into your own personal Butler and Chauffeur I say! The snake could always double to water the garden during the off-peak times too!