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The glass roof is like having a giant heater which is always on


Jun 7, 2021
So this week a spent a few days with my wife's MY and let me tell you the experience was less than pleasant.
It's been averaging in the 90s here this week which is typical for where we are at so nothing outside of normal temps.
Most of the time during these few days the vehicle has been uncomfortably hot, to the point of me constantly sweating in it.
While charging outside I was running the AC on 8, low, recirculate on. It was 79 in the cabin and you couldn't touch the roof inside for more than 2 seconds.
While driving around the city I had the AC always at least on 6, sometimes 8, low, recirculate on. Temps were averaging 78 in the cabin.
I was wearing a cotton polo shirt and cotton shorts, my entire back was completely wet from the damn seats.
Since I'm bald and 6'3 I can very well feel the huge amount of heat radiating off the roof and basically frying my brain.
One day I had the car parked at the airport (cabin overheat is on), had climate control started on low 15 minutes prior to departure and it was still 79 inside when I departed.

How are people surviving in places where the temps are above 100 is beyond me.
I am thinking of buying a sunshade at this point.
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Active Member
Jun 22, 2020
Dayton NJ
Not sure where you live, but here in Central NJ, we've also had a string of days above 90. My car sits outside (garage is full of old cars that don't run) but I haven't found the need for a sunshade yet. I keep the climate at 70 and don't really have an issue with the black seats - and I have the sweat gene....! I've been pretty happy so far, considering that with my old Mazda CX-5 I always needed to keep the shade pulled over the sunroof in the summer.


May 14, 2021
Were you by yourself? It was 117 degrees here a few weeks ago, and I was fine, once I realized when I was by myself the passenger and rear vents were all closed... I forced them all open on the screen, and it was much more comfortable in the cabin.


Aug 25, 2020
Las Vegas
Do you have tint on any of the windows?

I have all windows, windshield, and roof tinted and do not have any issues cooling the cabin down in the Vegas heat (but it’s a dry heat 🙄).

I park in the garage, so that helps. When outside, if I remember to turn climate control on, I find that turning it to LO helps and then while inside the car, max it out at 10 until I get cold and then turn it down to 4 or 5.


Jul 14, 2020
I got an aftermarket roof sunshade and it's helped considerably for both during driving and also while parked (I use a sunshade as well).

Also gets to near 100 here in VA so suggest you go this route, it will help.


Jun 8, 2021
Jackson, MS
Kind of sounds like your AC might not be working great. I live in the deep south and bought my Model 3 in June. My AC works better than what you are describing.

You might want to try adding the interior roof sunscreen (I bought the Tesla sold one; it was easy to install) and/or window tinting, which can help a lot.



Budding EV fanatic.
Apr 10, 2021
SE Iowa, the armpit.
NAH. Love the glass roof, one of the big draws of the car.... Drove across interstate 80 for a few days @ 94F, sun right above. Just fine. Actually, let my Mrs. drive a bit, leaned the seat back and watched the clouds roll by, and took a quick nap. glorious.

Our regular car is just as hot when sitting.
Oct 31, 2019
OP - please don't take offense to this, but we don't know much about you or your history, so apologies for the elementary questions....have seen one thread on here about AC complaints that ended up being user error.

  1. It sounds like you are using manual setting and not "auto". Do you have the air coming out at the right place (front, not footwells/windshield)?
  2. Is the experience any better when you use "auto"?
  3. Are you aware that you are able to direct the air by opening the HVAC menu and dragging around the air path in the display?
I'm in the Southeast, but we only see 100-105 degrees at times where I'm from, but HVAC system has never had issues keeping 68-70 degrees.

If setting the HVAC to auto doesn't help and you've got the air coming out of the right places, there might be something wrong with your wife's vehicle and should be looked at by Tesla.


Sep 5, 2019
Where I live in the California Bay Area, average temps are in the 90's. I also recently completed a 1 week road trip to Seattle during the Pacific Northwest heat bubble where temps were routinely over 100.

With my Y climate system set to auto, I find it very comfortable. During my road trip, I sometimes found it getting too cold and I would have to adjust the temps up a bit. Even when sitting at Superchargers during my trip, my Y had no problems keeping me cool. Granted the roof itself did get hot to the touch when sitting at the Superchargers but the cabin itself was very comfortable. While moving, the glass roof cooled down considerably.

Like suggested above, make sure your climate system is set to auto and you have the air flow adjusted to hit you properly.


Active Member
Jun 21, 2020
Bay Area CA
I love the full glass roof when leaning back and looking up. I've had this setting for the past year: temp=70 and fan=2. No problems staying comfortable in the past year. 100's are no problem.

Just wish we had ventilated seats.
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Jun 7, 2021
Temperature feel is very subjective, hence I took the measurements so you can see that the averages are high inside. I have the A/C blowing on all three vents (windshield, front, and footwell) and it's set to manual, low, recirculate on.
My comparison is also to my own Mercedes GLE53 which also has a moonroof but that includes a retractable shade.
On the 53 I have A/C set to 65 and same vent config, recirculate is off, mid fan speed and my average temp inside is at 72 and that car is dark grey color vs white Tesla.
So there is a discernible difference in the figures with MY averaging 78.5 and the GLE averaging 72. And yes ventilated seats make a huge difference when you are wearing a dress shirt in particular.
Maybe her car needs to be looked at... but again logically speaking if you take a car with a giant heat radiating panel that you can't touch for more than 2 seconds on the inside vs a car without one, you will have a difference.


Jul 12, 2020
Fort Myers FL
When you really want that solar heater up top to be on, it's covered in snow :) ....Seriously though, I live in SW Florida with the same color Y and felt it might be an issue in this environment despite the UV claims. I got it tinted and the now the a/c set at 74 (auto) is generally too cold.
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Active Member
Oct 2, 2020
I have no problem cooling off the cabin of my Model Y in less than 10 minutes even when the cabin temperature is at 100F. I have Cabin Overheat Protection set to ON with AC. In the afternoon sun the passenger cabin can reach almost 100F. I do have a roof sunshade installed with the mesh fabric. In my experience the mesh fabric reduces the intensity of the direct sun, not sure it does much to reduce the cabin temperature. The HVAC system does not work as hard when Recirculate Cabin Air is set to ON.

My standard summertime HVAC setting is Auto, 71F. I will turn on Recirculate Cabin Air setting using the voice command "Recirculate" when the outside air temperature is in the high 80s or warmer. I turn off the Recirculate Cabin Air setting using the voice command "Fresh Air."

I usually ride alone, the front passenger vent sometimes comes on automatically, I have no idea why. The rear vents only comes on if I turn it on or when someone is seated in the second row.

El joe

Jan 29, 2019
SF Bay Area, CA
Interesting -- it's been upwards of 111 here and me, my wife and two kids have been fine driving around. Surprised to hear that it was actually "unpleasant" to drive around.

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