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The Problem with owning a Tesla is ...

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As more of us are finally getting our magnificent cars there is a 'serious' issue that needs to be addressed. It completely changes your perspective on so many things. I was mowing the lawn on the weekend and I realized how archaic my Victor mower was: petrol, noise, dirty, ...

So to kick things off, here are a few:

The problem with owning a Tesla is ...

... having to buy a new battery powered lawn mower.

... making sure you allow an extra 10 minutes for every journey to answer questions from complete strangers.

... becoming a forum addict.

... driving in another car and getting worried when everyone isn't looking or pointing at you.

What's yours?
Yes definitely about other vehicles.

I actually have been scouting/researching on purchasing a good used F150 or F250 at the end of this year to tow a boat that I plan on getting before the start of the 2016 boating season. Been looking at either new 2015 Sea Ray 270 Sundeck's or 2004-2007 Sea Ray 300 Sundancers. Love both of them. Just a day boat though so will probably go with the Sundeck. I can't see myself doing long trips or sleeping in one. At least not yet. Maybe later in life. I like the clean look of the inboards but I know the outboard version gets better mpg. But if I'm just chilling on a lake mostly and not cruising too much I guess the inboard is fine.

It's all part of my master plan. :) I own some land up in the finger lakes so I plan on building a house this summer and making sure I build a garage large enough to store up to a 30 footer on a trailer. The costs seem to be adding up - can't tow 7500lbs in the MS. My wife's 2013 Ford Flex SL isn't rated for that either (only up to 4500 lbs, which isn't even close to what I need for the boat size + trailer I want to get). Need a truck, need a trailer, need a large enough garage, need the boat lol, etc etc. Plus I want to add a personal watercraft (Yamaha maybe) to the line up too. Sadly all gas guzzlers. These boats only get like 2-4mpg. At least I only plan on using the truck to tow the boat back and forth from my garage to the slip which is only 2 miles so it's not going to be used very much (or maybe I'll use it if the snow gets so bad that my RWD MS won't make it up and down my driveway up there which is kinda steep, but I do plan on putting snow tires on my original OEM rims that I've kept stored away in a box). A Tesla truck (future) or even an MX if it's towing rated high enough is just too much $$$ (for me) to get that plus the boat. I'll probably just grab a cheapo diesel F150 off of eBay. Oh well.
yobig, I also had a Sundancer, but a 36. Too big to haul around so slipped it. No need to buy a truck. Had a lot of fun with it, but very slow and a gas hog. Great for week-end getaways.
However our marina has a dirt parking lot, so can't take Tesla there.
old geezer

Well the Sundeck is only 27foot. I was thinking that shouldn't be too much of a pain to launch it every weekend. Dunno until I try I guess. (I've never done ANY of this before , so I'm a total noob to all of this).
I got my electric lawn mower and hedge trimmer even before I got the MS and since then have also switched to electric chain saws, a tree pruner, and a weed whacker. Still on fossil fuel: blower, power washer, and minivan :redface:.
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I agree with all the above, after having the Tesla I want off gas. Purchased an EGO blower and lawnmower and once I get the Model X will not need to fill up at the pump. The only problem is I think some of my friends think I went over the edge, they think it is great but probably cannot completely understand what happened to me. None of them have an electric car let alone a Tesla but if they did they would then get it.
My problem with owning a Tesla is ...
- hate ( and I can't think of a nicer word) driving an ICE because I no longer know how manipulate the ICE gas pedal (turbo jerk )
- reluctantly fuel up my wife's SUV (or sheepishly ask her to do it) especially on those cold and windy winter days
- take my wife shopping for no reason
- I want to buy another one
I'm a long way off affording a Tesla, but several years ago I got a Bosch Rotak 37 LI lawn mower. Bloody fantastic - does a great job, and I can easily carry it between our upper and lower grassed areas. And when I don't mow the lawn for a few months.. (it happens...) I don't have to worry about the fact that petrol has been sitting in it undisturbed for a while.. or whatever else you have to worry about it with those sorts of things :p

It's a shame I can't find an electric (battery) whipper snipper which is anywhere near as good :(
I love this thread!
I was at Chadstone hanging out at the Tesla Shop and a prius owner asked me what is one thing I don't like about the car. I stopped talking, He asked me again and said there must be one thing.. I said " Yes I hear you. And I agree there must be one thing. I mean their has been with every other car I have had." Like a compromise or something and I realised this amazing truth. Tesla set out to build the no compromise car and they did and we now drive them! Boy Am I, are we, lucky!
Well, I don't own a Tesla, but have reserved an X.

I started moving away from gas a couple years ago. I have a battery powered mower, an electric snow blower, weed whacker, etc... I hate having gas around, as I dislike the smell...and its limited shelf life. Then when you have to get rid of the gas...you have to make an extra trip the recycling center. Annoying. Not to mention that the equipment running on gas is smelly, temperamental, and needs an absurd amount of servicing for the actual usage.

The Model X cannot come soon enough.