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The quest for wider wheels and tires, 295, 305 and beyond...

A few people here have been discussing the possibilities of getting wider wheels and tires under the Model 3 for track/autox use. So it is about time to start a public thread to see if the community has any good input.

What we know fits:
18x9.5+35 with 275/40-18
19x10+30 with 275/35-19

The next step to test:
18x10.5+25 with 285/30-18 then if that fits try a 295

Here are a few pics I took with at full compression. This was on the 18x9.5/275 setup with no spring and the car on the bumpstop:
20191204_210559.jpg 20191204_210322.jpg 20191204_210314.jpg

A few things to note:
a. Looks like 1/2 inch of clearance to the inner lip and 1 inch to the outside.
b. The car at full bump is LOW.
c. This was with stock camber. So adding some more up front will make a lot more tire room.
d. There is a bit of a lip on the inner fender that could be cutoff. I think these are plastic fenders? So we can't roll them.

Next questions:

1. There is way more room in the rear. Has anyone tried a staggered setup on an AWD car? What about different diameters? Fitting a 305, 315 or even 335 in the rear seems like it would be possible.
2. What about the gearing? Going to these shorter 18" wheels we are hurting the gearing. Has anyone tried comparing the acceleration at high speeds with short 18s vs tall 20s?


Nov 30, 2019
I don’t have much to add at this moment. I just ordered my coil overs for my P3D and I am still looking for wheels and tires but I’ll be following this thread closely.

I always like deep concave wheels. The wider the wheel I get, the deeper the concave which is what I lean towards so I’m interested in hearing what has worked for others. I’ll probably end up with 20” wheels and most likely 9” in the front and 10 or 10.5” in the back if it will fit.

I look forward to hearing from others as well.
I currently run 265-35-18 on 18x9.5 +34. They rub slightly up front, at least occasionally.

Putting in some camber and lowering the car, hoping to move at least 275s.

Any reason you want to run 275-40-18 instead of 275-35-18? Gearing wise it shouldn't matter too much, the power and top speed will drop off a little early since motor to speed rpms isnt as good. Not a concern in my book
Ok update I purchased and have been successfully running 10.5 inch wheels.

Konig Hypergram 18x10.5 ET25 with Bridgestone RE71 275/35-18

So far no rubbing and I am not running any spacers. I have coilovers but no other camber mods. I don't think this would work without coilovers. Also I would not recommend this for a street setup. There is quite a bit of wheel gap and the wheels stick out in the front which hurts the efficiency.

Thanks Davidss2 for testing the limits and sharing. I've been eager to see this size konig withe the RE71's. My car does not have coilover but I do have the adjustable upper control arms on the way. The negative camber will be nice, but of course I will still have big fender/wheel gap. Picture above doesn't look like wheel/tire poking out too much in front. Maybe its hard to see from the angle of picture. Could you please share pics from in front and or above looking at how much it "sticks out"?
I'm wanting to run this for street and occational autocross/ track day.
Big thanks to Davidss2. We can confirm 285/30/18 has no rub with MPP rotors and a good amount of negative camber. 10.5” Konig rims from discount tire. Cheap!


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Active Member
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Oct 21, 2020
Portland, OR
Just ordered my M3P and I plan on throwing the set of wheels I already have on there. I'll definitely be posting pics but they're currently 20x9 and 20x10.5 Ferrada F8FR5's on 275/40r20 and 315/35r20 Conti DWS6. Hoping I can jam them in there but we'll see hah.
That's quite ambitious... but we're following. At least get some pics ;)
Any comments on range impact? haha

Oh, it's horrible. Drove 50 miles this morning, average speeds around 50mph and I was a hair over 400wh/mi. Used 33%SOC.

What's the reasoning behind the different wheel widths front and rear? What would need to be done to avoid the spacer?

The rears would stick too far out if they were the same offset as the fronts. The rears are sitting 6mm further in right now, and I'm not sure it would work otherwise.

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