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The radar's down Captain!

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Today I've just installed v2019.32.12.1 and we've had some very very heavy rain. As I drove home all of a sudden I lost radar guided cruise control and autopilot and when I tried to engage it again I get a message that said unable to engage due to radar obstruction. I was thinking mud or leaf stuck to the radar but when I stopped all i could see was some fogging in front of the radar sensors.

I picked up the Mrs. went to McDonalds and the supermarket and radar kept coming and going. When I got home I checked and no obstruction, just fogging.

Has anyone else noticed an increased sensitivity in the radar sensors since the upgrade? Does anyone else's radar area fog up? Has anyone else had this message?

The car has 45,000 miles on it so if fogging is an issue I need to get it looked at under warranty.

Driving to France tomorrow too which will be much more of a chore with no autopilot, hopefully the night in the garage will take car of the fogging.


EDIT: I thought the radar was where you'd normally find foglights, but I may be wrong. 2017 S with EAP, is the radar still in the nose somewhere or was I right?

EDIT 2: Radar under the bonnet, but still no obstructions on it :/
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You've been --- JAMMED


Sorry, no help, haven't used autopilot since getting V10 but I haven't seen issues with mine...
Where were you looking and what model do you have? The radar sensor is in the nose (either in the grill area (box) or center of the car if you have the new nose. Fogging wouldn't happen there. Were you looking at the camera sensors at the top center of your windshield? The one time I've seen radar have an issue is with a lot of snow buildup on the nose. Never seen an issue with rain.
Originally I was looking at what isn't fog lights, I thought that was radar, but edited to say I'd found out it was under the nosecone so yes, unlikely to be fogging. Will drive France today and if it is still an issue, I'll contact Tesla
I've booked a service appointment as it was being a pain again yesterday but getting to it is going to mean "working from home" one day. Today I drove 200 miles and it worked fine. I wonder whether there is a bad connection affected by heavy rain/dampness inside?