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The silliness spread around the 'net regarding EVs (& Teslas)

Amazing what is being spread around the internet. I'm in a "debate" regarding EVs on another forum. This was just posted:

I live in Staten Island, New York, about two weeks ago two days after the big snow storm I was in a very large tire store, Wil-John’s getting an inspection on one of my vehicles. I am very good friends with the owner and manager. The manager gets a call from someone asking if he a certain brand and model tire, he tells them yes and bring the car over. It happens to be a Tesla coming in on a flatbed. They tell the owner unfortunately they cannot replace a tire on a Tesla because everything including tires are electronically linked to the cars computer. The gentleman calls the Tesla dealer in New Jersey and they tell him no problem bring it in March 9th. A month wait for a tire change. That sounds practical and efficient to me.