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Vendor The solution to Tesla Road Noise and Dust- Door seal

The sealing strip can also play a role in preventing water and dust and the sound of the door closing. If it does not work in terms of noise reduction, I think the effects of other aspects cannot be completely negated.
In my Model 3 the interior noise is mainly dependent on the road surface. I haven't noticed any difference with the door seals, but they are keeping the hinge areas etc much cleaner. Not perfect, but a worthwhile improvement. I got my seals from EVACA.CA
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Recently, I’ve been driving 800+ km per week, with almost all of it on the highway. The wind noise is incredible!

I was looking at the seal kit, and I’ve been considering going to the service department to get them to look at the alignment of my front door windows. That said, I’m sceptical, and I feel that neither will work.

I’ll keep surfing this forum, and the web, and hopefully a remedy will appear.

Can't recommend it either, within weeks the seals fell off
I have had this issue in the past with peel and stick accessories. I recommend this product to help prepare (clean) the surface for adhesion.

3M 4298 Adhesion Promoter

Its only $13 on amazon.

**NOTE: Be very carful when applying this chemical as it very aggressive and should only be used on the area that is going to receive the sticky backing.**

I usually mask off the areas I am going to prep and then apply the promoter just to be sure. It can be hard to remove if it drips. Acetone will remove it though.