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The standard Test Run on morning route FSD Beta 2021.40.30.2

2018 Model 3 LR, Dual Motor, FSD, HW3, 106K miles, FSD Beta 2021.40.30.2

Still Bad:
Did the morning standard run and still no change with Phantom Slowing at the same spots. Didn’t really expect it seeing it is still 2021 and a .X.X release.

New Good:
Interestingly it mapped to the spot where I pick my wife up in the afternoon. Previously it just did the main road in front of the building. Now it maps into the entrance, into a parking lot and then all the way to the back side door I pick her up at. This is not either of the main the main entrances to the building, so not sure how it knew to route there. Would have been really interesting if it tried to back down the road to it, which is what I do when I pick her up because there’s no room to turn around and its a dead end into the sides of the building. I stopped it once I got to the parking lot, so I don’t know if it would have.

Still Bad:
Couldn’t get out of the neighborhood at start of drive, both roads are unmarked. Well it could have if you wanted to creep and wait for ever as it tried to figure out what to do at each stop sign. I gave up on it ever being able to handle T intersections on residential streets with stop signs, just takes waaaaay to long to negotiate. It did stay left of the center of road, kind of hugging the center, not sure what it would do if car was coming.

New Good:
Now coming back into the neighborhood it did a really nice job on the right turn off the main back road. I didn’t even have to dial it back to posted speed (35) I have it set for 5 over. It didn’t get too close to the curb, it didn’t over shoot and stop in middle of road either. Great improvement on this run.

Slow down after speed sign. Much faster, even heard what sounded like the brake being applied or released, dropped from 45 to 40 pretty quick, didn’t continue down the road before finally slowing. Nice.

Didn’t slow or apply brakes for the stop sign on left side of road for secondary road. Didn’t do it on the previous release either, so this may finally be resolved.

Still bad:
Making the left off the main back road 45mph, the road on left comes in at slight angle and the main back road is just finishing up a curve. Slows way too long and then overshoots and cuts back. Same behavior it’s been doing. There are farm fields on all sides and everything is cut down so it has clear vision. The road to left is unmarked so that maybe the issue trying to figure out where the lane is, no curbs on it, back country road.

That’s it for now after first run with FSD Beta 2021.40.30.2 until the next update, unless some new behavior pops up on this run. Be safe out there and keep testing, hopefully it will continue to improve. Ohh I forgot to check if rolling stops is removed. I never used it, so I forgot to look. Others have posted it’s gone.

Go Tesla!!!
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Jul 15, 2018
Interesting that you’re still on 2021.40.33.2. We have a similar year/model (2018 LR 3, but single motor) in FSD beta, and were given a scary pop up on Saturday about losing access to AT&T cell network (sunsetting 3G network I presume) if we didn’t update to 2021.44.30.21 before tomorrow (Feb 22). An older Model S owner I know (without FSD beta) also had a similar pop up a few days ago.

We were on beta 10.8.1 before. Now (after updating to 2021.44.30.21) we are on 10.10.2.
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Boy I really need to have my coffee when reading the app and before typing in the morning. I didn't even notice I was that far off on copying the version. So now I'll just post a screen shot. Geez that was really bad. Thanks again for the catch.


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Took the alternate route to the daily run several times since the 44.30.21 update. The right turn off the main road (45mph) I had previously said was so nice has degraded significantly. You can't really use it, scares the cars coming down the secondary road to the intersection. It's a cross intersection, no stops signs for main road only the road to left leading into residential development has a stop sign and the road to the right is a backroad with stop sign. The road to right is coming in at an angle coming towards you (2 o"clock position) and it corrects at very end to become perpendicular, so cars on it can see down the main road to their right. The car used to take the right entering at a slight angle off the main road, this approach is what all the cars do and was beautiful. Now on the 30.21 release it doesn't start the turn, it continues forward and appears to be looking for the double yellow line and then tries to turn right abruptly but is carrying to much speed even though it had slowed, It brakes and makes rapid steering corrections. This is where it causes the the cars at the intersection or approaching it to freak. It looks like it is going to hit them, especially the ones coming out of the curve. So now I see first hand regression, although it fixed the entrance off the secondary road into my development, it totally messed up the the other road. Looking forward to next release. Keep testing and drive safe.
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