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The UX could be better, but how?

I'm looking for a good format to capture suggested changes and even vote them up or down. I'd be nice to make sure someone at Tesla saw some of the good suggestions around here that were very popular.

Here's a couple of my thoughts for UX improvement
  • Steering wheel scroll wheel/buttons
    • We know they need to be improved, but how?
    • As you start to assign different tasks, it becomes confusing (ie Radio tune, mirror adj, steering wheel adj, EAP speed, EAP follow distance), so why not have an overlay on the 15" screen that tells you exactly what mode they currently are in? No more ambiguity, because you'd know for sure what they do. How to "activate" this overlay is a little more controversial....do you leave that info on the screen always? Do you only pop it up when they are used? Do you have a button on screen dedicated to telling you the current mode if tapped? Maybe there is a button at the bottom (like radio/fan/etc) that when you click it gives a fly-up list of functionality choices available so you can see the current setting (yea!) OR change it? Either way, if you overlay that detail, you can easily increase the range of options possible for the scroll wheels because if you just have to memorize this stuff, it gets too hard
    • Obviously I'd like to have these things user programmable, selectable. The option above helps me confirm my settings or even remember them if I forgot.
  • Use of screen real estate
    • I want more info and the layout seems wasteful to me. The whole left side with car "status" seems like it's go LOTS of wasted white space. I really LOVE the binnacle display on the MS/MX and just because I don't have a binnacle, doesn't mean I shouldn't get that data or AT LEAST the option. Give me some configurable areas on the screen to add things like consumption data, or rear-camera. I just think Telsa needs to do a better job of moving the information from binnacle over to 15". Even if some of it's smaller, an "always-on" rear camera doesn't need to consume 70% of the screen, right? Maybe I should do some imagery concepts in photoshop and share my thoughts
Anyway, I'm all ears for a good effective way to collect these UX ideas and vote them up/down and if we find a particularly popular one, get that in front of Tesla somehow.....suggestions?

As promised above, here's my example. I've got 3 images:

  1. Original layout
  2. Suggested layout
  3. Suggested layout with "zones"

Original layout

screen layout orig.png

Suggested layout
screen layout sugg.png

Suggested layout with "zones"
screen layout zones.png