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Things people write....what rubbish.

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It's a pretty biased article, though there are some shreds of truth in some of the reasons. This is the flip side of the eco terrorist websites fluffing up EVs and Tesla as the only logical choice for anyone needing transportation as if there are no downsides to them at all.

As with most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

FWIW, that site is mostly garbage clickbait filler. I use Google News and it often suggests automotive articles as I tend to read a lot about cars. Many articles were suggested from that site initially. After reading a few, I banned them as a news source, just like Teslarati.
1) Most of it is beta, what do you expect?
2) I mean... sure I guess?
3) Um, no, that's not how it works.
4) Pretty good value for money if you ask me. Try finding a 670hp ICE vehicle (hint - compare to the BMW M5 Competition).
5) You can't do software updates on most luxury cars.
6) No... just no.
7) They have rear cupholders, what are you talking about?
8) WHAT? There are test drives and they're super easy to book.
9) Charging is cheap and easy for 99.9% of people, period.
10) The breaks are great, what are you talking about?
11) Because Tesla buyers drive in extreme conditions. John, MX owner, has to pass a field of ice when driving his son Timmy to school.
12) Heat pump
13) Honestly when buying a $90k car I couldn't possibly care less about tire wear.
14) I've driven one car with a spare tire. It's not really necessary and frankly the least substantive complaint I could think of.
15) I... what? You can get towed literally anywhere and roadside service is expanding.
16) Give me a break.
17) Been to that SC, Senj, Croatia, and this couldn't be further from the truth.
18) False
19) Nobody thinks that way. All similarly priced cars have a HUGE look-at-me factor.
20) One valid point.
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#20 is a valid point. tesla way overstates the range capabilities, sure you can achieve what tesla claims, but who is driving @55 on a highway on a perfect day?

Doesn't every EV go through the same test?

https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/pdfs/EPA test procedure for EVs-PHEVs-11-14-2017.pdf

Does a potential purchaser expect Tesla to waive its finger and say "Yes we can do 350 miles. Yet it really is only 295 for the way you drive and where you drive." Tesla like all EV makers know what they are getting into. If they can't pass the test the way it is written. Any person or automaker is more than able to contact the EPA and ask them to change the test. Good luck.

This used to be a whine I would never hear. Now it has become more common retort. I find it funny. I just say you will likely be driving a Tesla or an EV in your next car or the one after that. You may not have the consumer choice to continue to be stubborn.
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The range problem is not unique to Tesla, though they are the target of the article.

Not having honest information about the range limitations of an EV is bad for everyone. Buyers who did not thoroughly research "real world" range estimates will resent "lying" EV automakers for leading them to believe that their cars can go further. MPG goes down in a gas car in winter as well, but not to the extent that it does in an EV, and new adopters may not browse forums and solicit real world opinions from people on how far their cars can go. Heck, I'd wager a good portion of EV kool-aid drinkers don't even mention the big range hit in the winter when asked "how many miles can you go on a charge?" They are so proud of their purchase that they just recite the EPA estimate since it sounds nice. It's true the problem sits with the limitations of the tests, but most are not going to put that much effort into determining the root cause of the gap between advertised and actual range.
20. Ok
19. Ok, lots of press – good and bad
18. Debatable
17. Potentially, depends on location
16. Ok, it’s an EV thing but don’t have to charge to full plus there's convenience of at home charging
15. Potentially, depends on location
14. Not unique to Tesla
13. Ok
12. Ok, but ICE dependability/performance can vary by temps too
11. Meh
10. Different but not necessarily a negative
9. Ok, it's an EV thing but home charging ability is a plus
8. You can test drive but delivery process could be better
7. Definitely not the greatest cupholders but they do exist
6. Hit and miss but definitely an issue, even Elon has admitted it
5. Meh
4. Debatable, truer years ago
3. There has been and will continue to be price volatility in the EV market for a while
2. Ok
1. Ok
20 - "Poor hwy efficiency": It's not that EVs are inefficient at highway speeds, it's that gas cars are inefficient in city use. A Tesla Model Anything gets lower $/mile than any gas car with similar performance at 80 mph.
19 - "Too much hype": Tesla was not the first EV, or the only EV. Elon Musk is the man who made the EV sexy. People WANT Teslas. People didn't want Leafs, Volts, EV1's, Fiskers, CODAs, I-Paces, eTrons, etc. The "hype" created a brand image that makes other automakers jealous.
18 - "Teslas harm the environment more": Hearsay. Let's see the impartial study about the energy and materials required to make a car with similar specs to the Tesla. At a dead minimum, Teslas give us cleaner air in urban congestion, but I will venture a guess that by 100,000 miles, the Tesla has a greener footprint than any comparable gas car.
17 - "Complicated Service": Ever fail a smog check, or have somebody pooch an oil change? Had an auto transmission that shifted like carp? Not with a Tesla you haven't. Today's gas cars have literally hundreds of powertrain error codes, and they are not always correct. The infamous MAF error code P0101 can be literally dozens of different things, even the wrong muffler or air filter can set it.

If anyone wants me to continue I will, but if 4 out of 4 are BS, I'm not sure the next 16 are any better.

Anti-Disclaimer: I'm not a Tesla fanboi. I like all kinds of cars, and have owned a lot of cars. Teslas have their own unique problems, but that writer was just making stuff up.
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“Tough to drive on slippery roads” what a load of crap, I got stuck in a snow storm coming back to Sacramento in the Sierra mountains with my 21in wheels and summer tires.
Road was straight up ice and I still managed to get down the mountain safely.