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Things that could be improved on your 3

Just making a list of things that need improving/ adding in no particular order, please add yours:-
it is just the little things that make a great car in to the best car ever, everyday things you miss or would like to be better.

I might add if there are work arounds or ways to do what I want improving please tell:-

1/ Speed camera database option in the Sat Nav.
2/ Cannot select a pinpoint favourite spot and select as Home. it seems to default to a set address that is wrong. ( I live up a drive off the main road) this in turn does not deactivate sentry when at home.
3/ Wipers when on auto do not seem sensitive enough to come on most of the time.
4/ High Beam Assist I think does not turn off early enough with on coming traffic a lot of the time, and a little slow to go back to high beam..
5/ Little Disappointed no 360º camera view. really helps with parking and seeing where the kerb is.
6/ More control over the sat nav to give options of shortest / fastest route etc. To add stops and round trips of several destinations.
7/ The Tesla App to give better data of individual trips made.
8/ Blue Tooth Media to work better from iPhone, giving more control over play lists etc. (You do not need Apple Play for this)
9/ Think for the price of top of the range a puncture repair kit and compressor should be included.
10/ To be able to unlock the charging cable for release with out getting in the car or using the phone app. (3rd Party cables I guess)
11/ To be able to change the Font size on the screen for me somethings are just too small.
12/ I also find it quite a stretch (while Driving) to close some of the windows as the X is top left of the screen. (is this set up for LHD cars as it would be closer to you)
13/ Rear view Camera is pretty well useless for vision during / After heavy rain etc. when reversing, especially at night.
14/ Better Heat to your feet.
15/ To be able to view Sentry Data recorded on the screen in the car, but be protected for access so only you can access it or give permission to access.
16/ Tailgate and front trunk to lift on its own.
17/ Sound deadening under the bonnet, just think it would help and not weigh anything, and look better.

Somethings are petty, some are in my opinion quite important.
Still waiting on a physical car so any comment is based on many hours of YouTube... Agree with (in no particular order) #16, #9, #10 & #5. The bird-eye-view is probably a firmware update away but the others likely need hardware changes. Does V10 not add "smart pins" to the navigation screen or is that just for POI? Thought I'd seen a video on that somewhere recently.

I'd also suggest V2G might be nice and adjustable suspension for those of us with bumpy tracks to drive along to get to our garage!
Just making a list of things that need improving

Nice list...

What are you planning on doing with the list of improvements/enhancements/defects?

I’ve seen a number of threads with suggestions for improvements, common annoyances etc but is this info being fed back to Tesla?

Is there a portal for providing this type of user feedback to Tesla?

If Tesla see a thousand complaints about the poor auto wiper behaviour then surely will prioritise and do something about it.

Not sure if Tesla trawl through forums and social media to mine out user feedback.
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#17 is my personal "nemesis". Had the Model 3 been properly soundproofed to offer a really quiet interior, at least on par with similarly priced ICE cars, I would already be driving one. Can't accept how noisy it is at both slow (lets ambient noise in) and high speeds (lots wind and road noise).
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No 16 Automatic Tail and Frunk lift can be retro-fitted! Actually I did know this, be nice though as an option on order.

18/ Think the timer to you walking away from the car to locking should be variable, I personally think it is too long and would like to make it shorter, because of the time I am glad of the horn to say it is locked, but in a busy car park, anyone could get in long before it is locked it you are not looking.
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Agree with some of above. Windscreen wipers are a big one, I'm constantly using the stalk button.

Another - a better way to close the frunk. It's not very nice putting your hand on it to firmly push down when it's covered in rain.

As much as I hate that Model 3 owners have to resort to these things... there's an easy fix for that. Need to replace a spring with a lighter one. There's videos on youtube and threads around here too for details. Need to dig a bit to find one.
Yes, I miss the adaptive cruise control on my Volvo. Over 120,000 miles of perfect operation and no phantom braking. I miss the deep Recarco seats and chunky, heated steering wheel too.

I'd add Mazda too... never had one problem or scare with adaptive cruise control on a '14 Mazda 3 and a '16 Mazda 6.

Besides phantom breaking is there anything else Tesla AP doesn't do too well compared to the others (not considering autosteer)
Additional choice of interior colours and trim type
Additional choice wheel style
Add brilliant silver exterior colour choice
Control of screen selection by use of highlighted scrolling and steering wheel button press
Bigger clock with analogue option somewhere
Option to Increase screen font size (colleague won’t buy coz he can’t read screen without reading glasses on)
Frunk mat
Changeable ambient lighting colouring
18/ Think the timer to you walking away from the car to locking should be variable, I personally think it is too long and would like to make it shorter, because of the time I am glad of the horn to say it is locked, but in a busy car park, anyone could get in long before it is locked it you are not looking.

Fair point but If you have to worry about someone entering your car within 10 seconds of exit you should probably not have parked there!
Until there is a way to store sentry video on the computer SOFTWARE THAT MAKES THE USB DRIVE RELIABLE! I am sick of it showing a working camera then when I return to car (or at random times) seeing the dreaded !
Wheel rims designed so that it isn't amazingly easy to get rim rash! I never had it in previous cars and got it twice within two weeks of getting the 3 :( (combo of low tires and rim extending out is deadly - scrapes on low curbs that most cars would just have touch the tire)