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Things to do at SuperChargers? Places to eat? Better placement with better facilities?

Tesla has been improving on this matter, but it bears repeating. I think in the past Tesla put SuperChargers where ever they could. But one problem me and many others ran into is that at SuperChargers there were not normal fill up facilities, like food, coffee, and bathrooms, like at gas stations, in most the SuperChargers we experienced. That was back when there was only Fremont Factory, Gilroy, Santa Nella, Mountain View, and stuff like that with no where to stop and shop and clean up.

This problem has been noted by many, including me, Bjorn Nyland (
), and Jack Rickard (EVTV Motor Verks - Custom Electric Car Conversion Instructional Videos).

Tesla has improved this in recent years by placing SuperChargers at places like Target. That is a great improvement. However, what I think they really need is dedicated gas station facilities at every charging site: car cleaning and air fillup, bathroom, and a cogent quick store for food and coffee.

In the meanwhile, dedicated Tesla fans can plan their trips to get around this, and if they know better or do not have former knowledge, they can just prepare by bringing everything they need with them except the bathroom, and for that, they can stop at a proper gas station and use them that way. Back when I had a Tesla, I sometimes did that.

Ok, onward and upward to better things! Happy driving!