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Things to do when getting a new Model 3

Picked up a new 3, pretty happy with it so far. Been doing a lot of reading and would love to get more suggestions on things you think are important to do/get. I’m planning to pick up -

- floor mats (probably the $75 ones off amazon)
- tinting
- tire repair kit
- storage card for video - looks like Samsung endurance is A good option

Also considering (please share any opinions)
- screen protector for touchscreen ?
- phone charger?
- Frunk mat ?
- console wrap?

What else do you really like or would you suggest?
I just got my car a few weeks ago and here’s what I’ve picked up so far:
- OEM all weather mats for the interior, trunk, and frunk
- OEM phone charging cable since it no longer comes with the car
- Extra mobile connector bundle. I keep one in the car and have one in the garage that I don’t unplug.
- 14-50 adapter for the mobile connector I leave in the garage
- A set of four lifting point “pucks” that I keep in the car just in case I ever need to take it to a shop for a flat tire, etc.
- SanDisk 128 GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 flash drive for recording the cameras

I’m debating getting the wheel center cap/lug nut cover kit in case I ever want to remove the aero covers but for now I’m leaving them on.

I also have a 12V tire inflator and a dial tire pressure gauge I keep in the lower trunk area. I might pick up a tire repair kit to keep in there too at some point.
Given how soft the Tesla paint is, I would also think through what you want to do for paint protection. There are lots of posts on the subject. At the very least, I would protect the paint with a good quality sealant or wax. Many of us also pay some extra $$$ for PPF (Paint Protection Film) and/or ceramic coating. It's probably a good idea to have a good quality detail spray, glass cleaner, bug remover, and some good quality microfiber towels on hand.

Congrats on your new Model3
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Just a small example of what I got since March 30th but the #1 thing to get first if you can wing it is Xpel PPL for the whole Front end & rocker panels. Note that there are a few more things that I haven’t added.

Model 3 Accessories

Road Comfort floor mats, I like these..
Door Switch Opener labels
Bandit License plate holder
Frontend, rocker panel Wrap Xpel (must have)
Console Wrap matted black
Top windshield noise reduction kit
Small air compressor
Porsche 911 scissor jack
Jack Pads
Flat tire plug kit
Bloc Wheel spacers 15mm & 20mm
Testap wireless phone charger
Console cup mats
Tray organizers for center console
XM Radio
Two USB Y splitters
TeslaCam & Music Memory card
CHAdeMO Adaptor
Wheel Caps w/ Tesla center cap
Auto Frunk mod
Auto Trunk mod
Aluminum brake & gas peddles
3 socket Cigarette 12v line & USB
Ohmus 12 volt battery
Frunk Mat
Tesla Wall Charger
Suma Performance side mirrors
LED Lighting Upgrade Kit
Amazon Echo input
New Screen Mount (ordered)
Air Protection Decorative Cover Flow Vent
Front license plate wrap

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#1 thing to do...


Being a part of these forums is invaluable and it offers a wealth of knowledge.

However, it’s draining. Every little issue, every little complaint. Every microscopic rock chip. Don’t get bogged down.

You don’t need to buy any of these things on these lists.

The car isn’t a baby or some unfinished work being sent from Fremont. It’s a fully finished car.

Buy what you want to make it yours but you don’t *need* anything. Just enjoy it!!