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Things to keep in mind during and after delivery of Model 3

Thanks to Tesla Showroom Deals group I got a great deal. My order for M3 with Red and 19" wheels was adjusted just now to show correct pricing. I am taking delivery tomorrow.
I need group's help with couple of items:
1) I have heard that new cars are having scratches and some other issues. Has someone prepared or does anyone have access to a checklist for Tesla cars which shows things to check before taking delivery?
2) What kind of custom wraps or safety related gadgets I should get in the car? For e.g. vinyl wrap in exterior and interior so small scratches or dings don't mess up color or interior. I don't care @ things which will highlight the car as there are way too many MX and MS in just my community and city.

I apologize if this has been discussed before in detail.

Appreciate the response in advance.
1) Demo/showroom cars will most likely have scratches and I have experienced this first hand by seeing multiple cars in different showrooms at 3 separate showrooms. Small paint scratches, door sill scratches from shoes, rear seat base threshold scratches, front seat backs scratched.

2) I suggest a center console wrap asap to prevent the gloss black panels from getting damaged. I had a wrap ready to go and installed at delivery.
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