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Thinking of moving back to Michigan from San Diego, questions about tesla service there

I am thinking about moving back to SE Michigan after living in San DIego for past 7 years, possible to Plymouth/Northville area. I am curious about how local service is, do you have to take vehicles to Cleveland for servicing? Or do rangers come to Michigan for repairs? My S, is almost out of warranty and will be purchasing extended warranty so not sure how ranger service would work with an out of state car. Wasn't ranger service purchased in past? How is quality of service? I see there are several new superchargers, is there ever a wait?
They will flatbed the car to Cleveland or will come to you (for the standard warranty, anyway), depending on what needs to be done. Obviously it would be ideal to have a service center in the Detroit suburbs, or even Toledo, but they make it work without too much hassle.

I don't frequent the Superchargers, but I've never seen the Ann Arbor one more than half full. With the Supercharger expansion planned for 2018 (2018 Supercharger plan and changes - Michigan), charging should be plentiful while Model 3 orders are fulfilled and Tesla continues its legal battles with the idiots in Lansing.
Exactly what turbospecc said above. My brother-in-law lives in East Lansing and he's had two service calls for his X. Once the ranger came and tried to fix it, the other time they took it on a flatbed to Ohio. He has a P100D and the loaner was P100D. Not bad.

Here in Grand Rapids, we have a group of 8 superchargers. I've never seen more than 2 cars (at least before Model arrives).

Wish this state would wake up and get onboard soon..
Rarely have I ever been to a Supercharger in Michigan and found more than 3 other cars there besides mine. Often I'm the only car there. Ann Arbor is certainly the one that gets used the most that I've ever seen, but since that one would be closest to where you're going to live, you likely should not need to use that one very much (presuming you'll have at home charging).

The only time I've ever seen a large number of Tesla's at the same charger was when Tesla put on an owners meeting in Crystal Mountain. Since everyone was going to the same place and striving to be there at the same time there were quite a few cars using the SC in Cadillac that day. Two months later when I was back at the same place, I was the only car there. They've also opened up the SC in Traverse City since then and one in Ludington too so they've probably even fixed that issue already.

Personally I think we're doing rather well in MI for SC's. They are all rather new (only St. Joseph is from 2013), very high power and in good locations. Once the full expansion plans for 2018 get done we'll even be able to go across the UP.
I live in the Traverse City area and the service has not been a problem. Ranger service is excellent as is the transport to Cleveland when needed. I have used most of the Superchargers around the state and have never once had to wait. Tesla currently has 10 here now and others are planned. Tesla will have pretty much blanketed lower Michigan by the end of next year. They brought on 4 here so far in 2017 with one more scheduled for Auburn Hills soon.
You may be in for a rude awaking if you expect Tesla to pick up your car and take it to a SC. If you read the warranty you will see that it states clearly that you must present the car to the SC. Here's the provision from the Extended Warranty:

"The cost of transporting Your Vehicle is not included in this Vehicle ESA and You are solely responsible
for the cost of transporting Your Vehicle to the Tesla Authorized Service Center."

In the first year or so of our ownership Tesla did indeed transport our car for service, but since then we have paid $1500 each way for transport. We have the extended warranty and eight years of prepaid ranger service, but Tesla clings to the warranty language. On the other hand, the Ranger service has been outstanding, and has covered all but three situations which have occurred over five years with two Model S Signatures.

Those owners lucky enough to have a cooperative SC have gotten transport covered, but that is s goodwill action outside of the warranty.
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2020 Model S LR+ Owner
May 3, 2015
New Mexico, USA
Having moved from San Diego (where I was spoiled with Tesla delivering a loaner to the house, and taking my car over to the nearby service center) to another extremely anti-Tesla state (New Mexico) with no stores or service centers allowed, I can relate to the question from @Sharkdiver76.

It's even more wild and remote out here, though the Rangers are all great, but insanely busy (can be weeks before one gets free).

When we moved here there was one supercharger in the state (Gallup, at the far western AZ-NM border, so it didn't really count) which made reliance on PlugShare a must. Things have improved since.
thanks all for input, the extended warranty is one of my main concerns and having to drive the car 2 hours is completely unacceptable for me. Yes I am a little spoiled with having excellent service out here and have had car brought home for me as well if I didn't require a loaner. I will have to research the warranty paperwork pretty clearly if I do move and decide to keep the car and bring to Michigan. Wife hasn't been to happy with it in regards to price/having to go certain routes or make certain stops on road trips. If I had 2 drive it 2 hours each way for servicing that would be a deal breaker if anything ever went wrong with the car.
I should say right off that we live in Canada, and my experiences with the techs have been uniformly outstanding, but my view of Tesla Canada's second tier management is that they are recruits from ICE service centers. I would suggest that you get close to the manager of the Service Center you will be using and try to get an understanding of what they will do to accommodate your circumstances. Doesn't mean they will keep their word, but it's better than just assuming you can work it out when the time comes.

In our case I can show you the bill for $1500 for the last trip to Montreal for service the Rangers couldn't do on site.


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Apr 14, 2013
Tesla service has been a breeze in Michigan. I have never heard any mention or warning of future charges for transporting cars to a service center.

Michigan is in a unique situation being the only state where Tesla is forbidden from opening company-owned service centers. As such, their service routine here is not necessarily the same as it is in other areas where Tesla does not have service centers. Tesla has set up hubs where they collect cars for service and transport them to the nearest service center as a group. This makes transport service much more efficient than it would be if they had to transport one car at a time. I can't see Tesla doing away with this or charging until the law changes and they can open in-state service centers, as it would create a major hurdle to ownership and serve as a victory for the legacy automakers trying to kill them.

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