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Thinking of selling Model S 75D after Recent Sunroof Failure

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Moderator note: This thread was originally posted to a different forum.

2017 Model S 75D White/light grey interior, premium sound, sunroof, FSD etc. About 80k miles so far.

Recently had a sunroof failure, and didn't realize it would cost so much to get it fix as it was stuck in open position ($1900).

Thinking of selling, but torn b/c I don't want the latest Model S due to the high price. Probably can get 45k for my current car. I also don't want an ICE vehicle, but just thinking of something like a 4runner as I have the cybertruck on pre-order.

Also own a business and wanting to take advantage of 100% bonus depreciation. Don't want Model X also b/c it's insanely priced right now.

Just wondering from you smart folks out there if I would lose more value next year or two with all this "auto loan delinquincy rates" and overall used car market dropping?
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Ahh posted in this in the wrong thread! Ok, got it back, yeah it was fairly involved. They basically replaced the whole thing, it seems, even though my glass roof was good to go and nothing was wrong w/ it. There is some sort of "kit" that comes with it.

I'm going to keep the car for now, and hold until next year to decide, which is when I would have 2 years left on the battery. Thanks!
Any news on your sunroof?
My 2015 S85D roof brackets are really stiff. I want to remove the rear brackets without removing the back glass. I think there has to be a way? Then I should be able to pull out the drive cable.
Do have any thoughts on this?