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Third Party Dash Cam with Wifi for Live Viewing

I've swept the forum/Youtube/the outer galaxy and the question still sears my soul: what is the best third party wifi dash cam to access live footage over wifi of what the car is experiencing? And to be notified of potential criminal activity? I need to stop people in the act from hurting my newborn baby🥺(the car). Should I learn Taekwondo as well?🤔 The Blackvue has horrible Amazon reviews, so I don't know where to go next (and who knows when the Sentry-integrated Ring Car Cam will be released).

PLEASE HELP ME! I live in an awful building where cars are constantly getting broken into—my current car (along with 5 other cars) was jacked up and had the wheels stolen off of of it IN THE GATED PARKING GARAGE...wtf.

Also, since my current parking spot doesn't get wifi/gets spotty wifi, what's the best solution for it to receive internet? A signal booster?

I've done my due diligence and would really appreciate any help. 🙌🙌🙌

(Puppy pic attached because...puppies).


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If you live in the type of place where cars are being put on blocks and having the wheels stolen right off them…I question what good a dash cam will really do you. Even if you managed to capture footage, the police aren’t going to do anything about it.

At the end of the day you’re going to be relying on your insurance company either way.

But to answer your question, BlackVue is probably the best option. And they aren’t that great.

Edit: if your ultimate goal is to recieve a dash cam alert and then go outside to play vigilante, I think things will go very badly for you.
I would recommend watching some Youtube videos providing useful review comparisons.

I have a Blackvue DR900, and a DR750 for an another car, connected to the cloud by WiFi so you get an alert and a short video in case of a chock or a motion detection.
The image quality let you zoom in to get a license plate number and you can select the sensitivity and zone areas to avoid false positive when parked.
For your particular usage, there are some versions with infrared camera for night vision.
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