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This Forum Could REALLY Benefit from A "Road Trip" Section!

What better way to promote getting out and driving these things?

I think that a section where people could chronicle their road trips might inspire others to get out and see the great sites of this country. We've had a few now and I've found myself scouring insider info tidbits via search but they're basically scattered to the wind at this point. It would be SO helpful to have a single subsection to keep all of these conversations in one place.

It would be nice to be able to help people going to an area you have inside info on and find info yourself. Who knows, maybe some will see these threads and be motivated to drive there themselves even though maybe they never would have previously thought about driving there. It seems that in trying to get the word out on EVs the best thing we can do is simply drive them around so people can see us and, ideally, go for a ride or talk to us candidly about EVs.

I think that a "Road Trips" subforum would be a great addition to the General Forum section of this forum.
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