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Of Course I Trust You Will Do The Right Thing
Jul 13, 2017
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
"The drive by media." Over past few years don't permit much of what I hear or read to make it within even filtering range of my mental processes. Often it's a regurgitating experience. We exist in times that news has become a question mark? A thing to be bought sold refurbished repackaged by its owners exclusively for whim pleasure and the all mighty dollar. Sense has left the building. There's something to be gained from control of information. It is a commodity. Can't say that mainstream media is entirely to blame except for, at times and by some outlets, permitting itself to be bought or sold for manipulation of the truth as it happened or happens. So I turn to other less phenangled outlets to extract purity of information. Who. What. When. Why. How. Nuts and bolted down by real life. Engraved in the solidarity of real time. Fluently punctuated by the numbers. Tesla, while still in Model 3 production hell GO mode, endures onslaught of criticism skepticism and legal fire. Please review last week's post, "just before crossing over", forecast.

Let's tread slowly down recap way shall we?

Consumer Reports latest survey upgrades Model S to above average, a first for the luxury sedan from CR, while bumping up the Model 3's predicted reliability and overall customer satisfaction rating to a mere average. Citing issues experienced with the Model X and S since eliminated upgraded or improved. While it is yet early in 3's on the road life to gather enough data for real analysis it's quite clear on the street Tesla brand is catching a lot of people's attention. Hence why suddenly at the cusp of rolling out more electric cars off the lines the company is also catching hellfire. In response to CR's rating Tesla says,

"Ever since Consumer Reports declared Model S to be the best car ever and then revoked the rating after being questioned by Tesla skeptics, they have lowered the integrity of their automotive reporting by singling out Tesla to a degree that is absurd, unnecessary, and misleading, implying for example that our cars are unsafe, underperforming and unreliable based on tests and surveys that lack basic scientific integrity."

Implications of safety. That's key because while Tesla customer loyalty builds so does perception of electric vehicles including fully autonomous models which will be the future. The U.S. Department of Transportation has a dedicated site for what it coins, Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office.
Information on connected vehicles is published on there.

Casting a shadow of doubt over EVs at this stage only appears as an attempt to shift market view to stick with what we know and for some are comfortable with. Fuel powered cars. Bad for the environment short and long-term. Are they safer? Perhaps question better stated as, are electric vehicles more safe when drivers have been instructed in how to efficiently and effectively operate them? Learning curve with hi tech is to mess around with it until you become its master. Not so much with a fully autonomous intelligent machine. Tesla has stated current models on the road are not yet fully autonomous. Even though most have the software installed to be. Once all EVs are manufactured as fully autonomous it is imperative owners are instructed or trained in using them to get from point a to b and most of those beyond safely. Cars with more bells and whistles many of which we probably won't get around to using. Give me time and I will. Certified gadgetaholic;) I digress.

The numbers.

According to statistics reported by USDOT or subagencies, over the past two decades traffic fatalities have relatively declined as fuel powered car manufacturers improved and or added safety features. Same holds true for car crashes. It's important to note that many of these fatalities involved collisions with larger vehicles including tractor trailers. Incidents involving semis comprise only a small slice in percentage pie of fatalities and crashes. Tesla's planned electric semi unveil is telling the company cares about driver and passenger safety to the extent of seeking to eliminate any potential for fatalities and injuries.

A Tesla semi, equipped with similar EV features to avoid collisions by predictive technology capable of detecting obstructions irregular driving behaviours and can quickly respond to such with evasive maneuvers, has potential to improve road safety tremendously. Data predictions in the past five years shows the number of traffic fatalities and major crashes has significantly risen. More high speed vehicles on the road has meant congested highways and inner city gridlock. Added fuels of drunk drivers, road rage, and the otherwise distracted (not hands-free oriented) exacerbates an already volatile scenario.

Transportation trends suggest more electric vehicles on roadways can drive traffic incident, fatal or injurious, numbers down drastically. It will be interesting to see more preliminary statistics collected from 2016-2017 predictions and forward into 2018-2019 as the industry transitions to EVs.
Fatalities Rate
33,782 1.14
2014 (R)
32,744 1.08
2015 (P)
35,092 1.13
17,775 1.12
PY-Jan to Jun

Where do we go from here? Current Tesla owners communicating their experiences on and off road. Sharing best practices. Future owners will use information to learn how better to operate their safe environmentally responsible new hi tech vehicles. Just reading the instructions won't be enough. Might I suggest ride-a-longs with an experienced Tesla owner? Much more fun. Love or hate it, with superb safety on point, autonomous electric vehicles are reality. Tesla, a responsible pioneer for industry standard.

SpaceX two or three to beam up. As in scheduled launch happenings.
Iridium will use proven reliable and reusable Falcon 9 boosters to send next round of satellites for its communications constellation to space. Iridium NEXT-4 and -5 missions. NEXT-4 has been scheduled to launch on December 22, 2017 from SLC-4E. It will be the first Falcon 9 mission from Vandenberg. Hoping SpaceX will adopt a future droneship, "Give me time and I will", as its name;) You have my permission.

On a more international trajectory Falcon 9 has also been tapped to send Israeli operator Spacecom's next satellites into orbit. One in 2019 and another in 2020.

Speaking of satellites. Senate hearing alert. "The Commercial Satellite Industry: What’s Up and What’s on the Horizon”. Indeed. Happens Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM. SpaceX Vice-President of Satellite Government Affairs, Patricia Cooper, will be a witness.

Tesla, Inc. Presents at Reactive Summit 2017, Oct-20-2017 02:10 PM
While critics cast stones Tesla, Inc. working AND sharing knowledge. A true hero's win-win scenario. Presenting at Reactive Summit 2017, October 20, 2017 02:10 PM. Austin, Texas, will be Tesla Staff Software Engineer, Colin Breck. Colin's discussion topic, Islands in the Stream: Integrating Akka Streams and Akka Actors.

News you can use. Found this piece quite interesting. Considering and being Mars Mission Minded.

Near my neck of the woods. Big dig begins.
The Boring Company has been issued a conditional utility permit to begin
10.3-mile tunnel beneath the state-owned portion of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, between the Baltimore city line and Maryland 175 in Hanover.
Tunnel is for the high-speed, underground transit system known as a hyperloop that Elon Musk will build between New York and Washington. Hats on and off! Forto the big dig! Let's see this'll be my hat on hat's hat on a hat. Aha...

Ending on a most upbeat note brings to mind an old duet with meaningful lyrics. Hope you like it.

Til next post...
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Of Course I Trust You Will Do The Right Thing
Jul 13, 2017
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
More stats.
Fatalities_2015.jpg InShot_20171021_121213616.jpg InShot_20171021_172202053.jpg InShot_20171021_171847753.jpg

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