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Those Dirty Birds!!!!

Hello all, I'm picking up my Model S85D this week and "just so happened" to be in the area so I decided to drive by the Tesla Service center. The car was sitting outside with dirt and bird poop all over it!! :mad:

I know they will wash it of course, but has anyone had any issues with the paint being messed up prior to pickup because of excessive dirt? If so, what did they do beside wash? Bird droppings are known to cause paint damage over time, but can anything be done in the short term?

Silly question I know, but that's what I get for going to check out the car early! :smile:

I've had bird droppings on the car for at most two days in the hot sun, but I protect the paint with zaino polish.

Also, I haven't heard of others having paint issues due to bird or dirt. Maybe others have?
In 2006 my 4Runner was delivered with a paint crack and had to have its hood repainted. When they detailed it, there was bird poop on it and had been there long enough that it had etched the clearcoat and cracked the paint underneath. I imagine a Tesla that hasn't been sitting it for months to have fully cured paint would be susceptible to the same problem.
Sounds like you have not accepted delivery yet.

If that is the case, the answer is simple, if the paint is substandard where you saw bird droppings, then don't accept the car, or accept it on condition that Tesla will correct the problems after delivery.

You know where to look; look carefully; a new car should be perfect on delivery.
Bird dropping damage is variable. Size, acidity, time, temperature, sunlight, the bird's diet, type of bird. All these and more play into damage. Wax, clear coat, protective coatings, and ppf mitigate damage. Wash your car or quick wipe detail frequently in the future. Color of the car makes an even bigger difference on the perception of any damage.
Thanks for all of the suggestions. I do have 'before' pictures so I know where the bird poop is to check for imperfections after they wash and prep the car. Definitely considering the Opticoat and cQuartz coatings after delivery.