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Thoughts On e-tron GT Family

Isn’t that just a rebadged Porsche? The usable range of 200 miles is pretty disappointing at that price point.

Looks kind of cool I guess?

Yeah, its a rebadged Porsche Taycan but that's what makes it compelling. The reason is it actually gets really good range where it often exceeds the EPA miles by quite a bit. In fact one would think the current cannonball record holder would be a Tesla Model 3 LR or a Raven version of the Model S, but it's actually a Porsche Taycan.

A Porsche Taycan Just Beat Tesla for the Fastest EV Cannonball Run Record

The issue with Tesla is the EPI rating is typically very optimistic where the conditions have to be just right to hit them, but often times they're not so actually falls well short.

A perfect example of that is Model 3 performance which is pretty known for falling well short of the EPA range.

My P3D had a 310 mile range rating, but I've struggled to even get close to 200 let alone 310.

This for a number of factors:

I have the 20inch wheels with the summer performance tires that came with it
The speed limit is 70mph for a long stretch of those 200 miles
It's typically raining
It's typically between 40F and 50F.
Usually I only charge to 90%, and I want a buffer of 10% so that's 248 miles of rated range that I'm working with.

I'm pretty sure that if I got either the Taycan or the Audi E-Tron GT that it would easily do those 200 miles without issues. Now it's more important for the Porsche/Audi because I don't want to pay the bloody prices the Electrify America charges for charging.

I won't get anything else for a couple years so I'm going to put 18" lightweight wheels on it with tires shown to have good range. I found some that don't look too bad. That will easily give me 200+ miles with lots of buffer, but there is no way I'm ever going to exceed 310miles the way a Taycan can easily exceed their 200 mile rating.
It does seem to be. I think it's a good looking car but half the range of the S at a higher price point. Who's this for?

I suspect the real world range difference will be much much much less than “half”.

It’s pretty well established at this point that there’s no way a Model S actually goes 400 miles in the real world. Meanwhile Edmunds got 323(!) miles out of a “203 mile” Taycan 4S.

Edmunds Tested: Electric Car Range and Consumption | Edmunds
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It’s great! The more compelling EVs the better! Like the Taycan I expect it will exceed its EPA rating by a fair bit. I’m not saying I’d take one over a new Plaid S cause of Superchargers and AP but it’s awesome to see more alternatives better than Dino burners.

The lack of hands free L2 driving was a bit of a bummer on the E-Tron GT.

I really want my next EV to have hands free L2 or better without having to get a GM product.
I think its a great entry to segment for buyers who want a luxury EV. Its range in real life driving will be much closer to a Model S too. The fact that people are saying its a rebadged Taycan is a good thing. Wish the car had abit more passenger space though. But man that thing is drop dead gorgeous, props to Audi.
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Isn’t that just a rebadged Porsche? The usable range of 200 miles is pretty disappointing at that price point.

Looks kind of cool I guess?
I cannot speak for the etron but in the taycan the car is capable for going far further than it's rated range. in the taycan with the larger performance + battery cars are going well over 250 miles per charge and this is not using any sort of hypermiling tricks.
while tesla will claim higher ranges those ranges are hard to achieve in real world driving.
Isn’t that just a rebadged Porsche? The usable range of 200 miles is pretty disappointing at that price point.

Looks kind of cool I guess?

i was loaned a taycan for the weekend. easily did almost 300 miles in the 200 rated miles. my model S can't get anywhere near the EPA range even brand new and babying the pedal.

theres more than meets the eye for the taycan and hopefully will translate to the audi line. over promise under deliver is the tesla motto, flip that around for porsche.
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