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Thoughts on phantom breaking after a 5800 mile roadtrip

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it is such a hard problem, to ensure that auto-braking is fast when you need it, but does not trigger falsely, otherwise.

I bet you could have a whole company do research on this and they would still have trouble getting it right enough to be good enough for daily use.

so many areas are harder than it seems. lane centering has a lot to deal with, planning for what is near-ahead, mid-ahead and far-ahead. trying to read minds of other drivers. on and on.

this is going to be something even harder than a moonshot. there were no random crazy drivers on the way to the moon - amiright? ;)

seriously, one single company trying to write all their own software. FAIL. this just is a mankind-wide effort, more so than even the moonshots of the past.

and yet, I dont see any real collaboration. everyone thinks they can solve this very hard problem on their own.

but tesla, especially, in their arrogance, are taking big steps instead of safer small ones.

I hope that someday we can pool resources - as a whole human race - and divide this up and solve it in pieces. and it will still take all of mindkind to think about this and work on it for years, maybe decades.

baby steps are what we need. lane centering is a huge step forward. and it mostly works. braking - its not even alpha quality let alone beta. they need a whole division working on that.

and NN is not the answer. we need to find deeper levels of understanding than statistics, which is all NN really is. that's NOT understanding and that's not enough to drive a car in a crowded random human-filled environment.
Well put. It is all very hard, especially reading the minds of other drivers. Every 4 way stop we do this. I think they might be better off doing things piecemeal and at least get the emergency braking better.

One bite at a time.
@adewinne Just wondering, have you noticed all the frequent "blue nag" tinting at the top of your screen? That's supposed to be occasionally warning you about not holding the wheel or not paying attention, and must be responded to. How are you getting all those?

I like what Musk is doing, I'm an engineer and I realize new development takes longer than expected. But most of all, I'm happy that my car is doing OK. If you think that's because I'm stupid or a blind fanboy, please don't assume. It's the other way around, my system is working well. All the frustration is comprehensible, but the "fraud" talk is out of control.

It seems like the base AP/TACC has the most problems. I never use that mode, so I have no idea if that even works, though my wife does. I had EAP, upgraded to 3.0 hardware w/ "FSD". Went for 2 years with maybe 2-3 random slowdowns. I drive 99% in NOA on freeways, and now over 80% in Street NOA FSD Beta if I'm not in a crazy rush.

With more vision-only and with radar gone(?), it's a bit wonkier, but it doesn't slow down on freeways as far as I can tell except where a posted or mapped speed limit suddenly changes. Yes, fast reading and reacting to speed limits is new and inconsistent. Sometimes it maintains speed, especially if you're already going significantly faster, sometimes it takes the signs very literally. Isn't there a way to option-disable that?

Or if a big vehicle threatens to encroach into my lane, or something spooks it on a skinny 2 lane road. I'm always ready to accel through should it happen, it's easy. But it's infrequent and it looks like it's just being very cautious, so it's not a big issue with my car.

@adewinne, I would take your car in for service and bitch and moan. Your cameras should be inspected. There might be issues like loose connectors or bad cameras?

There are also maybe certain option settings for the base AP/TACC that can minimize the incidence, to resemble how it works in NOA/FSD. I'll try to round some up to post here. Basically I have it mad max'd, all the warnings, lane departure corrections etc set to max and early, because that gave the best result, except automatic Relinquish passing lane which just causes nuisance lane changes.
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