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Thoughts on what should be the model 3 to please me

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by hillander, May 28, 2016.

  1. hillander

    hillander Member

    May 18, 2015
    Mornimont, Belgium

    I am writing from Belgium, a small country in Europe.

    I am the proud new owner of a Tesla Model 3, finally if I do not change the view by then!

    To see what competitors have emerged by 2018, although I do not think they will do better or even equivalent, Tesla has a nice head start! Maybe BMW in 2020? But which model, at what price and with what equipment?

    There are 280000 +/- who ordered before me, so reading the American forums, I could make a good idea before confirming my reservation.

    What I expect from this car and what might displease me?

    I've always had front wheel drive cars -> thus a propulsion does not please me, in winter every time I see a car that patina is a propulsion through against a 4WD, why not!

    Hatchback (5 doors) -> big disappointment seeing the pictures of the prototype Model 3, I understand that we should not compete too the S model, but this may be a barrier to purchase for a lot! To see the actual trunk and opportunities; folders are they fold, they are the foundation of rear seats fixed or removable or the whole seat can he retire?

    Currently I have a break -> super convenient to carry bulky things, purchases into the house or large waste to the dump!

    I have a trailer -> talking about a hitch option, yay! But if this will allow me to evacuate bulky to the dump, it will not help me for impulse purchases at ikea for example because I would not have necessarily expected to go with the trailer, where interest of the 5-door station wagon or better!

    Apart from the first car, I always had cars in hatchback -> So I will not be disturbed by an electric car ... 1 speed.

    Comfort, now I have a Citroen C5 hydraulic suspension -> when I tried the Tesla Model S, I quickly noticed that despite the air suspension, it was still stronger (but there 2 x more power too ...). By cons I hope that comfort will be with go on the model 3 because here in Belgium, our roads are in such poor condition that is illuminated highways to see the holes! And so I pray for a comfortable 3 model and the need for the passage of an air suspension option.

    Since we talk about comfort -> Tesla is the agitator of the automotive world, Bose invented a revolutionary magnetic suspension system -> 2 meet when?

    Silence -> no engine, it is but do not wind noise or tire rolling, so no tires 21 "for me!

    Security -> Ok it will certainly be 5 star crash test, but against a petty criminal, glass reinforced it is because this great display may be mistaken for an iPad! And when I speak of reinforced glass, I do not speak of bulletproof glass ... glass 2mm + 1 + 2mm PVB layer of glass sufficient to strengthen a bit and reduce outside noise. With safety, multiple cameras can they serve as a dash-cam?

    External noise -> I do not want to overwrite a pedestrian who would not have heard me coming, so a small external buzzer that activates below 40km / h would improve safety.

    Equipment -> detectors in all directions for safety, the autopilot is OK if it is not broken! By 2 years, we will see how are the S and X today. A large screen is good but there is a glass roof will require the screen to be very bright to get to read when it's sunny! Hud a screen to display speed and other settings, I look forward!

    LED headlights -> It seems that it is good for consumption and autonomy, but I question the lighting power a few years later because of the aging of the LED!

    The interior storage -> When I tried the S model, I was disappointed the limited storage space available in the cockpit! Yes there is this huge bag pose for women in the front, but that's it! For Model X, they understood that we could put storage spaces in the doors, it is! When will small drawers under the front seats? I imagine that those who have children are interested in the ruffled pockets on the front seatbacks in order to store any book, if today's children are still reading!

    The glass roof -> everyone seems ecstatic with a glass roof, on my Peugeot 308, I had a panoramic glass roof ... luckily there was a canopy to mask the otherwise reflections on the interior chrome were so numerous and dazzling! (Especially for myopic)

    Autonomy -> Personally, I make on average 30km a day, so we can say that even with the basic battery ( 215mi=345km) there is no problem. That's true, but when I go to my mother in France 200km + 200km go back, knowing how I do that where I park my car, there is no power? And when I go to my sister in the south of France to 1080km (with charging of course). Conclusion, I need the larger battery for more autonomy and does not have to stop at every super-chargers!

    Recharging -> requires access to super-chargers;
    Free or paid = = ideal when it is used? Why not !
    I personally have photovoltaic panels, so for my weekly +/- refills, this can be done at home (especially since the nearest super-charger is 45km) by cons for the long haul, we need access to super-chargers.

    Power -> I do not need 300, 400, 500cv or more. I tell myself that electric, with instant torque, with 200 hp, it is enough to let others on site from time to time (to spare tires). Until I have an S model - P90D next to me and there I will be discreet ... In fact, I prefer a lot of autonomy to much power.

    Taxes -> Here in Belgium, rabies taxatoire is not just a figment of the imagination! Our dear politicians only just clarify how should be taxed electric cars. So until very recently, someone buying a Model S is paid +/- € 65 or € 4,957 +/- tax circulation following interpretation of price lists ... which was in addition to the tax traffic! Anyway in this country ruled by madmen, with an electric car that soon many CV, you have to see in 2018 how our politicians decide to tax us more ...

    Money -> 2018, is both near and far, is that I will be unemployed?

    The cost of maintenance -> OK there is no engine to drain, but when I see that Tesla invoice € 475 compulsory maintenance the first year to change the windshield wipers and batteries remote controls ... Either too expensive an interview with a thermal! And the following year is € 825! These amounts charged only a small share of the price of the S and X models, but in proportion, occupy a larger budget for a model with 3 ... € 35,000?

    The Car price -> $ 35,000 base price, following the course of the current dollar, € 31,000 + a few options (5000 €?) = € 36,000 + 21% VAT = € 43,560 if Tesla can do the car with a base price to $ 35,000 ... and without much we charge delivery to USA Europe

    Electricity -> I have solar panels to recharge the car is good you will say, but with our dear politicians (led by electric companies ...) that put us every year more and more sticks in the wheels, I think that by 2018 I'll know more precisely if I have to remove my signs (yes) or buy a Tesla powerwall + a generator to log out completely from the network! In that case what about an electric car? If our politicians do not want our photovoltaic panels, they will not want more non-electric car! Probably more than enough revenue for world leaders ...

    Here, I just give you my thoughts and cogitations for what should be a happy event ... but also brings a lot of questions and concerns whatsoever for the radical change that it represents but also to future taxes that are sure not to arrive when our politicians will discover that they no longer receive as many VAT on combining panels and electric car on gasoline or diesel!

    Otherwise, IF our politicians are bought brains, it is likely to ... 95% that I validate my order stream in 2018!

    Ps: as you understand, I live in Belgium small country where we speak french, if the translation is not good, do not be me, it's not me, it is google translate! :)

  2. tsla007

    tsla007 Member

    May 6, 2016
    give up on the hatchback 5 door or wait for model y. That's a fact.
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  3. S'toon

    S'toon Knows where his towel is

    Apr 23, 2015

    Musk said they'd alter the rear hatch a bit after nobody seemed to like it. I'm taking a wait and see attitude when it comes to that.

    As for the impulse buys from IKEA, I wouldn't get overly concerned. It's IKEA. You can fit more stuff from IKEA in a Smart Car than you can a Hummer.
  4. Drivin

    Drivin Member

    Feb 7, 2016
    One of the possible side effects of all these electric cars is that other batteries have become more expensive as research and materials have shifted to other types of batteries.

    You can limit this by not using your remote as often.
  5. alseTrick

    alseTrick Active Member

    May 17, 2016
    Florida, USA
    They may make the opening slightly different/bigger, but they aren't going to create a hatchback.
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  6. S'toon

    S'toon Knows where his towel is

    Apr 23, 2015
    Correct, I should have clarified.
  7. zenmaster

    zenmaster Member

    Apr 9, 2016
    I'm trying to think of a real-world scenario where artificial external driving noises would actually be useful. Most places where pedestrians are walking with vehicle traffic, like parking lots, road crossings or driveways, people are simply already prepared and alert for cars. My car is silent under 40km/h and I have yet to be in a situation where pedestrians are actually that willfully oblivious. The only consideration I can imagine is to accommodate the blind population.

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