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Three months with Tess, Paying it forward


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Apr 21, 2015
Central Oregon
Without Bjorn's videos and a plethora of excellent posters on this site, I would never have had the courage to pull the trigger on a Model S. I spent months reading TMC everyday and watching every one of Bjorn's videos. I became armed with so much information, how could my wife say no. Our 85D is now 3 months old. It's time to share some of my observations and experiences hoping that it will help someone on the fence or someone reading every tid bit anxiously awaiting delivery of their car.

Options are a subjective thing.
Ordering the car in the mall is a hoot. Sure you can order it at home but you'll miss the excitement (and maybe some additional swag) at the store. We felt like we were members of a new family. Hopefully, I'll never leave another mall having spent that amount of cash.
mytesla is a good thing but it can also create anxiety and confusion. There were times when I felt I knew more about the progress on my car than the DS. It's hard to be patient but working on the DS's timetable does pay benefits.
Driving the car is different. It takes a while to get used to,,, regenerative braking, a 17 inch screen which is intuitive but a VERY different approach to controlling your car.... it takes some time to get used to this new computer on wheels.
Ranger service is alive and well. We live 180 miles from the nearest service center. We had an issue with the weather stripping inside the rear passenger door. I sent an email to the service center, received a call within 30 minutes, scheduling the ranger's visit for the next day. The repair was made in our garage, the technician completed a courtesy inspection (tire pressure, fluids, firmware updates, lug nut torque, etc) and was on his way in less than an hour.
Tesla moments are very real. The enthusiasm for the car and the mission crosses all social and economic boundaries. We've had conversations and thumbs up from all kinds of different folks. It's rewarding and heartwarming, in fact it's brought a new optimism to our lives.
The car and the company are not perfect. But neither are humans. It's hard to remember you are not dealing with a car company and we've had to learn to trust Tesla and it's employees.