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Time is Running Out: Plug In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Pilot Program Ends Soon

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The PEV Pilot program in California, that would allow all electric or plug in hybrid cars, to charge at the EV rate set up by your local utility. It's called the PEV Sub-metering Program. Each major California Utilities (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E) has set up a sub-metering program; as an example here is PG&E's Electric Vehicle Submetering Pilot | PG&E

You can sign up for the program at: Electric Motor Werks, Inc. - Electric Motor Werks, Inc.

I've signed up for this program and it's good to know that when I have to charge my plug in hybrid at 1 PM it's being charged at the EV rate and not the regular peak rate.

If you have question please send them to [email protected]
I signed up and installed the submeter a few days ago. In the case of SCE there is no rate benefit for TOU users but the $0.11-12/kWhr rates are extended from the existing 10PM - 8AM until 9PM- Noon. The extra hours gave me the flexibility that made it worthwile. If you are on a tiered rate there may be other savings but you would have to do the math for your circumstances. Neither of the vendors involved in this pilot can answer questions about the rates for the three participating utilities. You will have to get that infomation direct from your utility.