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Time is Running Out: Plug In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Pilot Program Ends Soon

The PEV Pilot program in California, that would allow all electric or plug in hybrid cars, to charge at the EV rate set up by your local utility. It's called the PEV Sub-metering Program. Each major California Utilities (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E) has set up a sub-metering program; as an example here is PG&E's Electric Vehicle Sub-metering Pilot | PG&E

You can sign up for the program at: Electric Motor Werks, Inc. - Electric Motor Werks, Inc.

I've signed up for this program and it's good to know that when I have to charge my plug in hybrid at 1 PM it's being charged at the EV rate and not the regular peak rate.

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I find this program quite remarkable. In my experience, most power companies wish to push EV charging to off-hours to keep it as part of base load, and set rates accordingly. This program runs counter to that. If a lot of people adopted this, it could increase peak loads (i.e.,necessitating starting up peaking power plants, which have higher costs than base load plants). This economics of this don't seem to work. Is it a sort of subsidy to encourage more EVs? How did they get this thru the utilities commission? It seems like a great deal for EV drivers.

PG&E EV-B rate classifies the following times. this is the tarriff that is used per PG&E's website.

Off Peak after 11pm to 7am
Partial peak 11Am to 2pm and 9pm until 11pm
Peak 2pm to 9pm and 3 to 7 on weekends.

You would get a partial peak rate from 1 to 2 and Peak from 2 till 9 and partial peek until 11 pm.

if you plug in during the day your going to pay quite a bit.

looking over the EV-A and EV-B rates I dont seem an advantage to going the sub meter route.
in fact on the EV-A rate you get a Summer CA Climate Rebate of $24.76 which isn't show on the B Rate.
I dont see why this would even make sense to do.

Im on the pilot for Socal Edison and the only advantage is they dropped the Super peak rate and you get longer off Peak Times.
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