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After spending hours trying to find pictures of a Tesla with tinted headlights,and not having any success. I decided to get mine done today. It was a hard decision to make because I had no clue how it would look, but at the least I figured I could help other people out by posting this. I still haven't decided if I am keeping them tinted or not, opinions are welcome! Here are a couple pictures



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I'm not a big fan of tinting things that are safety related. Plus its a liability on your behalf. If its a show-car that you trailer, that's a different story. But the tint filters light, that means your headlights will not be as bright on the road, may not see an animal or person that could venture in front of your car that you otherwise would have see with your non-filtered lights. Your daytime running lights may also be "blacked out" or filtered adding another safety hazard. There are laws that make this illegal for that very reason. Same thing with tail-lights which I never understand why people do that. Don't you want people to see when you're braking? God, its hard enough to get people to pay attention as is with bright LED tail-lights and HID headlights alone. If there's an accident that involved your car, for sure a lawyer will tear into this like a wild animal devouring a fresh kill.

It looks great in pictures and in show but in my opinion not the best decision for a street dedicated car.
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OP- why didn't you do the fog lights?

Completely forgot they were there until afterwards, the whole thing wasn't thought out too much, just an impulse decision cause I needed to know how it would look. Got them done today though!


I really like the look when the car is parked, and I think it will look even better when I get my dark gray wheels. Haven't officially decided if I'm keeping it or not