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Tipping your ceramic coat installer?

My car is getting paint correction, a front wrap and ceramic coated. My detailer is a one man operation, but I believe has one assistant that works with him. I don’t know whether he is helping on my job or not. I tend to tip for most service related things, but this is my first time having this kind of work done and don’t know what is customary. I’m inclined to give something to at least help out the assistant, but don’t want to offend the owner/detailer who set the price for the job.
I just recieved my model 3 and am looking to do the exact same thing to her. How much are you paying if you don't mind me asking?

I’m paying $2750 for paint correction, protection on the full front including side mirrors and ceramic pro 9h on the whole car, including wheels. Prices are all over the place, so the most important thing is the quality of the shop doing the work. There are many variables, including the level and quality of paint correction, quality of products used and the experience of the installer. This can make it difficult to make an apples to apples comparison. Find a quality installer and just prepare to spend more than you’d like. It is labor intensive.

If you decide to go for it, I suggest doing it sooner then later. I made the decision a couple months after having the car and the paint correction was way more labor intensive than it needed to be. 95% perfect now, but I will drive right to the shop the next time.
I ran into this dilemma today. Had my car ceramic coated for $1100, which seems cheap when I hear how much a lot of you are paying, but still more than I had planned on spending (already dropped over $1k on front end ppf). When I went to pay, the owner ran my credit card, and then turned the screen to me and it had one of those tipping pages, where you can click a preset percentage, enter another amount, or at the bottom, click a button for no tip. Talk about awkward. 15-30% seemed ridiculous to me, for something so expensive. I had budgeted $1,000 for this, and had negotiated a package for close to that amount, and hadn’t anticipated needing to pay another $100+ for a tip. So I entered $50, feeling like a complete cheapskate.

Got my car home, and under artificial lighting, still see a lot of the swirl marks and clear coat scratches it had before, so I don’t feel so bad about under tipping, but at the same time, am hesitant to take the car back and demand perfection, knowing I kind of stiffed him. :confused:

I hate this whole business of tipping. Japan has it right.
^^^ when I had the 3 done my shop went over the entire vehicle final inspection with me. Had it under flood lights and looked over it with me inch by inch. Found a few swirls and corrected it before I left the shop. This was the 2nd car I had them do with ceramic pro. As for the tipping question. They went above and beyond so I kicked them an additional 15% and ordered 3 large pizzas for the staff. Personally I’m big on customer service, great service I’ll reward that. Poor service and all of a sudden I’m a gator (short arms, can’t reach pockets)