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Tips: Media in Model S

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I wanted to share how I've setup my media in my Model S.
I listen to music sometimes, and a lot of podcasts. My podcasts are categorized into audio and video.
Video podcasts are probably going to be at superchargers :wink:
Also, I use iOS, but I also have an ipad and android tablet.

First, for music, get yourself this 64 gig USB key.
This key is small enough that it'll fit with your center console also.
Format it as FAT32, copy over your iTunes library completely.
If you don't know what FAT32 is, when you get the key, stick it in your mac, and copy over the iTunes folder. Thats it.
Stick this USB key in the USB port of your Model S, and it will automatically organize the music nicely.
Model S will also understand FLAC lossless audio, but the choice of that is quite limited.

Second, for podcasts, I use two apps,

1. Overcast Overcast for audio podcasts.
2. Downcast Downcast for video podcasts

Both of the above will,
1. Automatically download podcasts as they become available, I don't have to download or synch.
2. They automatically synch across my iPad and iPhone. Downcast has an app for the Mac also, but overcast does a very neat handover to safari based player.
3. Both of them can fast-play the podcast.

Individual features -
4. Downcast can do videos, and can run videos in audio mode only.
5. Downcast allows you to start a start marker and end marker on each podcast, taking out the initial introduction etc. (time saver)
6. Overcast has a special time compression algorithm that takes out empty spaces (amazing time saver).
7. Overcast has a better UI.

.. and then I just stream the audio on bluetooth.

Also, I of course didn't do this, but the iPad mini fits very nicely under the 17" display. I of course didn't stick it with velcro, because watching a movie while you drive would be of course a bad idea. Especially since if you get pulled over, you can easily snap the velcro off. I would never do that of course.

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what is a video podcast? you can watch video? on the touchscreen?

No, you can watch video on your phone or iPad, but the audio comes out of the car speakers through bluetooth.
Video podcast is like a video program, just like audio podcast, but has video too.
And unlike me, if you were to stick the iPad right below the touch screen, you have a pretty sweet setup.