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Tire Question

I just took delivery of a CPO 2014 P85D. It was delivered in immaculate condition thanks to the local service center for doing an wonderful job at reconditioning the car. One of the things I noticed was that the tires are very loud. The car has 21in wheels with a staggered set up. The tires look brand new but the front set and back set are different. The front came with PS2 while the back tires are Pilot Super Sport TO spec. I have a service appoint this week to have them check the noise. My question is should I insist that the car should have the same tires on all 4 corners when it was delivered? I realize that both the PS2 and Pilot Super Sport are oem tires.

The 21's are loud. You are in Hawaii, change to 19's and MXM 4's. Way too much sand on the roads to get full benefit of high performance tires, or it's raining or too much traffic.

You are right. It is a shame that Honolulu has the worst roads. Too many potholes and roads that are not properly maintained. I was considering changing to 19s as well. Too bad I couldn't buy one with 19s.
Everything I have read says it is unsafe to drive on mixed brands and models.

It's not unsafe. It's 95% marketing to get people to buy more tires. It's 4% a performance concern, and <1% a safety concern in bad weather.

As long as the tires on the front match, and the tires on the rear match, you're fine. In the OP's case, I wouldn't worry about the differences between PS2 and PSS.

The 1% safety concern is if you mix/match summer tires, with all-season or winter tires because of grip and/or handling.

If you can get them to swap the tires, great. If not, I wouldn't sweat it too much. The Michelins are crappy tires anyway.
Two weeks ago I replaced my Continental ContiContactSport 5P "Acoustic" tires on 21" Turbine "square" wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport "Acoustic" tires on Arachnid "staggered" rims on our 2015 P85DL with the Plus Suspension. IMHO the Michelins have a couple of specific harmonic vibrations that the Continentals didn't. Almost sounds like a wheel bearing going bad (but definitely not a wheel bearing). The Michelin PSS tire harmonics are not bad, just annoying and definitely noticeable coming from Continental ContiContactSport 5P "Acoustic" tires.

However the Michelin PS2 NON" Acoustic" tires on 21" Turbine "staggered" wheels on a 2014 P85+ loaner I drove for 4 days were LOUD. Very annoying. I couldn't wait to turn the P85+ loaner back in... and drove it as little as possible. Still very grateful that our SC gave me a Tesla loaner instead of the Enterprise ICE cars a lot of other Tesla customers got... and really glad we waited months for an P85D w instead of settling for a P85+.
I think the noise is definitely the PS2 and not the Super Sport. It does remind me of a bad wheel bearing. I remember having PS2s on my BMW e39 540i when the tires first came on the market and they were really good. I didn't remember it being that loud. Even my Michelin Latitude Sport on my Cayenne S is not that loud. Must be the engine drowning out the tire roar.