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Tire Rotation

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I need to get my tires rotated and was wondering if I should have it done at Tesla Service Center which is an hour away or Kauffman Tire which is 5 minutes away. I know there are special jack points and I’m worried Kauffman tire will damage something. Any suggestions??
Hmmm, have you called Kauffam to ask them if they have lifted a Tesla before or do they know where the jack points are located? They are really obvious when looking beneath the car. Unless a typical car, they area on the outer edge of the frame. They sure would not want to put pressure on the battery. Ideally, they have round lifting blocks available. Also see this link if you are not aware...
Jack Points

It is not clear if you have an S, X, or 3. Jack points and style is different on the 3.
Also depends if you have a D or non-D. If you have a D, you'll most likely not need the tire rotation, unless you do more right turns than left. What is the purpose of rotating your tires?
Any good auto shop can rotate Tesla tires. Make sure they intend to hand torque with a torque wrench, not an impact wrench, to 129 ft-lbs. My May 2015 P85D with 19” wheels does not have staggered tires. Also, the chrome lug nuts really are steel, not plastic covers, on this particular model.

I do think rotation is a good idea. My front tires seem to wear a little more than the rear tires.
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