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Tire rotation

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A few years ago I learned that Discount Tire not only does "FREE" tire rotation, but you can also purchase the Road Hazard Warranty on your new factory tires. It gives you free tire repair and maybe even a replacement. Our first rotation was in the Jacksonville, FL Discount Tire store while across the country from San Diego, CA. A few weeks later after another trip to WY we got them rotated again here in San Diego. One more San Diego rotation during the winter. Our next rotation will probably be here in San Diego just before we leave on our next cross-country trip in June.
Wow, that's some scary damage and has definitely made me think twice about using my local discount store. The process of rotating tyres is obviously very simple but risking a punctured battery cover just isn't worth it imo.
It was a year ago. As more cars get out there, the better it will be.

But yes, will think twice.

Someone here sells a block that fits in the spot that would reduce the risk. Hockey pucks as an alternative as well.

I wouldn’t say necessary for home/self use. But it does give a bigger target for tire shops.
It is a tire rotation not a Saturn V launch. It is shocking how gullible Tesla owners can be.
Or repair shops.

I went to a local Firestone for a flat reapir and was told they don't work on Tesla's because their service people could get electrocuted working on them.

I spoke with the manager and assured him there are no high voltage wires running through the tires and the work was done.
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A body shop technician (from a Tesla certified shop) explained to me that when body panels have to come off, there is a very detailed lock-out/tag-out process they go through to disconnect the high voltage battery.

I would assume DIY tire rotations and brake jobs wouldn't put you into proximity with any of that. I wouldn't replace a half-shaft on my own though.