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Tires Repair

I would think that you have picked up a nail or something, that would not be something any manufacture would cover under warranty. Also it depends where the hole in the tire is, if it is too close to the sidewall or at too much of an angle it can not be repaired.
Anyone know if the tires are under warrant or will Tesla repair them?

Tesla will not repair tires.

I had a razor blade (!?) cut my rear tire, TPMS sensor alarmed and I tried to get back home, but quickly lost all air pressure.
Fortunately, I was able to very slowly limp home, without damaging my rim.

I called Tesla roadside assistance, who told me they won't repair the tire, but instead towed the vehicle to the service center and replaced the tire.
They even returned the car to my house the same day (Thank you, Cincinnati Service Center!).