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Tires & Using Slime

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My MS has the tires with the foam inside to dampen sound. If I would get a flat caused by something like a screw or nail will I be able to use Slime to temporarily stop the leak? It would seem like the foam would prevent the Slime from reaching the leak and sealing it. Am I correct?
Yes, foam stops quick fixes.
Also... The noise dampening is mostly a placebo effect. Look up actual tests where same vehicle is tested with same tires and pressure after installing or removing the foam.
I got a nail this weekend and couldn’t get it fixed due to Easter. Picked up a tire repair kit for about $10 and plugget it myself. No leak yet.

Have about 2-3k miles left on the tires, so probably just keep an eye on it and replace.

Started shopping for new tires. Haven’t picked what I will put on it next. Leaning towards the Michelin mxm3 (or whatever it’s called).
Tesla sells the slime foam on the website as part of the emergency kit and then won’t repair the tires when you use it (if your tires have the sound absorbing foam in them. It may patch the home but it’s a mess to repair. As was said, plugs are a much better answer.